Hubby’s Woodland Meditation

Hubby’s Woodland Meditation
GD’s homemade yule log

Meditation  from GD.
I have been struggling with toothache over the new year and  my dentist is not back until the 4th so woke up in lots of pain, GD put his hand on my face where it hurts and told me this story..

Close your eyes now and relax, See a fairy woodland, go to the fairy woodland, the white stag is waiting for you, by a lake that is surrounded by trees. There is a rock by the edge of lake, on it is an otter, he is rolling over the rock and shaping it perfectly for your body to lie down in. This is a place for you to rest .
See a white unicorn, go with the white unicorn, step over a gently trickling waterfall, lie on the rock. Hear the squirrels in the trees, hear the wind in the trees, hear the song of the birds, the squirrels and birds are bringing you flowers making a pillow for your head to rest on, Hear the wind in the grass, hear the sound of the water gently trickling.The rabbits bring you a blanket, woven from leaves, they cover you with the blanket, they tuck you in and the baby animals tuck in by your feet. The white stag comes over and gently adjusts your floral headband making sure you are comfortable.
The white Stag and the white unicorn circle  around the lake protecting the space in which you are lying, this is your place to rest, safe and protected.
Hear the wind gently blow through the leaves on the trees, listen to the song of the flowers, hear the whisper of the rain.

I took some painkillers and some herbal tea, I relaxed to the meditation and the sound of hub’s voice When the pain eased I took a long long shower, really enjoying the warmth and feel of the water,then rinsed my mouth  with pink Himalayan salt and black pepper and brushed my teeth with coconut oil. I  made the soup blogged yesterday and ate it for lunch, it has all helped tremendously. I loved the meditation, my place of safety and protection, a place to rest peacefully and heal.
Its been a lovely day today with the youngest boys girlfriends staying over too, we have had soft, slow acoustic rock music playing in the background filling the house with beautiful vibes, our heating has been by candles giving us both warmth and gentle light, and essential oil frankincense vaporizing to heal and cleanse on a pottery burner.
Just a thought, without trying to cope with the pain today we probably wouldn’t have had such a lovely day. Why do we so often need a reason to be kind to ourselves ? shouldn’t we always be kind to our selves, awareness waking up.


Jessica’s sparkly homemade tea light holder


our terracotta pot candle warmer

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