A couple in Cornwall

A couple in Cornwall
little wren in our garden
roasted veggies with melted brie

‘A couple in Cornwall’ should be the title of this blog entry and although we are still very much in Hertfordshire awaiting exchange date it does at least appear we are progressing in the right direction towards a moving date. What today is however is the first day Ray and myself enter the realms of the unwaged together, I might add this is with intention of creating space for other stuff to unfold, early retirement some might call it at our mid fifties age, but the notion of retirement invokes pictures of aging slowly as we enter our autumn years, mowing the lawn and lunch at the nearest green house, whereas we are purposely downsizing to an environment where we hope to live in a way more compatible to the important things we wish to have manifest in our lives. it feels more like a birth, an awakening, jumping off of the prescribed formula for older citizens of the western world, the world today very much paints a picture with subliminal advertising that we don’t even know we are buying into, that must consume, must replace, must do bigger, better, mentality, we don’t recognize we are propelled by fear to conform, to be like the majority, to fit in so that we can say aren’t we happy we’re doing well just like everyone else is, when really we are all just wearing the same mask that society has bred us well to wear. Feeling so stressed that we are often never in the present moment, I felt that a bit today. After meeting with our lawyer we had stopped on the way back to sit and listen to the lovely chanting up at the Krishna center, I was peaceful, enjoying the wonderful drifts of incense the beauty of my surroundings and yet as I let myself engage with presence I began to fret about sitting for too long wondering if I should get going, there was study to do, dinner, washing, dog walk, etc etc to be done yet, but I became aware of my uncomfortableness with just being and yet here I was with no time clock over me, and so I was able to go back to just enjoy being once more. When we got home we made a roast veggie dish from all the left over veggies and baked honey and sultana baked apples from the last of the apples in the fruit

apples ready to bake

bowl, all this past month we have tried to not buy anything that was not absolutely necessary and we have been doing pretty good, it is likely that in the past we may have put at least some of the softer veg or fruit in the wormery and just brought new but both dishes were  really nice.While they cooked we took time to watch the little wren enjoying our garden (pic at beginning of blog.).

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