Home Made Almond Milk & Home Made Peanut Butter

Home Made Almond Milk & Home Made Peanut Butter

I am so impressed with GD today!. GD has made this lovely kilner jar of peanut butter from left over salted peanuts and the best almond milk I have ever tasted, seriously nice and wont be buying cartons from the shop again..

For the peanut butter simply pour peanuts into a food processor with a blade and pulse to begin with, now and again open the top and push the meal down the sides. Then turn on fully and leave to run, it will look like it is just drying out but once you go beyond that point the mix will start to release the oil in the peanuts, keep going till you think its done and then go a tad longer to fully release all the oil. Jar up and enjoy, no additives, brilliant. Keep in the fridge, keeps about three months. Its great to make it like this, just enough for your needs. Our grandson arrived just after we took this picture, he was straight in with a spoon to give it a go and declared it the best. We used left over ready salted peanuts from Christmas, wasn’t a huge bag,  but apparently works just as well with dry roast or plain shelled peanuts.

small kilner jar Peanut butter

Almond milk, who knew it was so simple!.
Take 1 cup of almonds and soak over night in a bowl with enough water to cover well. In the morning strain off the water and pour nuts into blender jug, add 3 1/2 cups of water, blitz for just over a minute, strain liquid through a jelly bag, give it a squeeze to release all the liquid from the pulp, Bottle up in a clean air tight container, we had a screw top bottle but could be a kilner jar and use as you would a shop brought carton. I had a nice warm cup of almond milk and it was so nice. With the left over pulp which is still full of goodness dehydrate, we spread ours on a pizza tray the type with holes in the base on some parchment, lowest temperature for 4-8 hours, sounds a lot but we put ours above the main oven while cooking Sunday dinner and then in the main oven to use residue heat. put back in the blender, blitz and use the almond flour in your recipes.

ready to bottle


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