Here at Last!

Here at Last!
our  Cornwall cottage built 1851
last Xmas dinner in the old house

Hi everyone thank you for being so patient and bearing with us as GD and I made our move from outer London to settle here in the southwest in Cornwall. Well…. moving was a lot harder than we had anticipated, there was a lot of shaky ground leading up to the move, lots of nail biting with the sale nearly falling through at the last minute, then an unexpected retrieval and then an unscheduled dash up to the west country days before our move as we responded to a family crises, leaving us just hours to pack our van for back to back runs down to the cottage. But we did get here and it was worth all the worries, some of which are still putting us through the mill re energy providers and banking mix ups, but best laid plans are almost certain to go skeewiff and lifes lessons are to learn to roll with the punches and see all as opportunity to learn balance. We arrived too with my tooth sending me skyward and no dentist and finally having an emergency extraction four days later. Interestingly I have been experimenting with coconut oil, turmeric, bicarbonate of soda, clove oil and Himalayan salt for mouth care, as the trauma has triggered mandible toris, a growth of bone spur which has been very sore, I have also bone loss shown up by the dental xrays I had and I will be looking into and blogging about that soon.

View from Matts bedroom

The move has been an experience, I wont be in a hurry to repeat it, but see what we got! exchanging views of flats for rolling fields and cliff top walks and now we have ancient stones instead of the of the 107 bus outside our front room window. We have had lots of visitors staying with us which is just the way we like it, the whole idea of moving was to make space for family and friends to come and find peace and for our selves to find a place to deepen our skills at crafts and to ditch the hamster wheel existence, giving us room to embrace seasonal change, forage and write more and GD will be adding his posts to the blog from now on as he takes up smoking fish, carpentry, cheese making and candle making and of course his wine making.
After doing some very low key massage for some friends my wrist is now back in a brace frustrating hopes of giving everyone relaxing massage treatments, so will focus more on breathing and meditation and some very gentle yoga for now, if anyone is in Cornwall I can recommend Sophie’s mellow Sunday yoga workshops at st Agnes under Amy’s Yoga studio.

Fae and Crystal in the back garden. We lost Luna before the move

I am loving the little patch we have found ourselves in and the no through road with its pub at one end and horses at the other. We have just spent a delightful week with friends we have known for thirty six years exploring our surroundings such as St Ives, St.Micheal’s Mount, Padstow, Falmouth farmers market, St Agnes point and of course our local pub the Robartes in Illogan village. We are planning on blogging now our discoveries as they happen and so for now I  leave you  with some photographs I hope you will enjoy.
Just before we go also we welcome  ‘Marley ‘Julian and Jazz’s golden retriever and ‘Willow’ Richard and Ashley’s beagle and lastly congrats to Richard on his promotion to General manager of a famous London theater, at only thirty we are mega proud of you and to Julian for promotion to leading Forest school, the children are so lucky to have your energy and inventiveness and special understanding, keep up the good work. Last mention goes to J and J and their new camper van, long may you explore and have fun.

welcome Willow


Camper Van
Welcome to Marley
Cooking on the woodburner range
Local to us Sunset at Godrevy
Local to us Godrevy lighthouse where the seals are

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