Beltane / May Day

Beltane / May Day
from circle Round

‘Happy Beltane everybody’ Today is Beltane or May Day, we hung up our new sunbeam sun catcher just arrived from the Mystical Mayhem hippy shop. Beltane celebrates the fertility of the earth and the potency of the life force. In the past it was the night of the greenwood marriage the union of the horned God and the fertile Goddess. ref the Earths Cycle of Celebration by Glennie Kindred.




Sunbeam Sun catcher

We have a Lisa Thiel CD playing in the background ‘Circle of the Seasons’ lovely track no 5 dedicated to Beltane and we have laid out a coffee table with green cloth and dressed it with our offerings of celebration, a candle in our pregnant lady brought from Glastonbury on a camping trip, a picking of wild flowers in a jam jar with red ribbon wrapped around it, some orange and yellow fruits, green pumpkin and yellow sunflower seeds. We have been looking through our festival books and found a great many things to do for when the children come to stay, one favorite under Beltane in the Circle Round book is the sweetheart cookies. Over the next few days we will be out to gather some nettles for soup p.137 Pagan Feasts by Anna Franklin & Sue Phillips and to make some tea, We dried our own leaves last year which is very easy, simply pick early spring nettle tops, best to pick well away from roads to avoid pollution, use gardening gloves to avoid the very fine stinging hairs, wash if preferred, hang in an airing cupboard  or dry warm area, upside down in a brown paper bag is my preference, ready when dry. Nettles are high in vitamins A,C,D,K, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Protein and Calcium.  Hope everyone has a lovely day today however you are celebrating.

May Day table

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