Building Scaffold Board Bookcases

Building Scaffold Board Bookcases

So GD has been super clever and busy the past couple of days and our book cases are made and in situ.

levelling the shelve


The wood arives


The alcoves in our new cottage are fairly narrow, the fireplace and hearth are deep but there are false walls beside the deep central recess which made it almost impossible to get ready made book cases. We also needed them an odd width to most we found online, to top it all off  the walls actually differ in measurement all the way up. So GD found a company selling off scaffolding boards really cheap, he measured up, ordered what he needed and then went to work sawing, sanding and assembling our bespoke bookcases.

Bookcase full of GD’s river cottage
preparing the oil

We have no worries of anyone ever stealing them, they weigh a ton! and they fit in by a whisper. GD just used screws he already had to assemble and the only outlay was ten pound for some new jigsaw blades. And here the bookcases are, rustic and adding a nice grounding feel and they smell wonderful of wood and orange, we have lightly oiled the wood with olive oil and orange essential oil. This room is such a nurturing peaceful room, a simple space just to be in.

Vegan yoga reading corner (mine)

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