Do it yourself unrefined icing sugar

Do it yourself unrefined icing sugar

Just a quick post to say how easy it is to make unrefined icing sugar. I was unable to pick any up from the shops local to me and online was mega expensive, so being very into making what we can ourselves, with a bit of research, I stumbled on how simple it is

Blitz to achieve fine powdery icing sugar

1. Take unrefined sugar, for me this was some Billingtons golden caster and put it into a processor. I had a nut grinder attachment, but anything which blitzes is fine. Tip is not to overload, but leave space, about half capacity I found worked well. Blitz for about one minute or until you achieve a fine powdery consistency.
2. Remove from bowl and place into an airtight container. Use as you would shop brought.

Brilliant! I am making mine specifically to top some homemade cinnamon buns, Will be blogging the cinnamon buns next week. We have family staying the over the bank holiday and the half term so I will be signing off for a few days. Lots of dishes to prepare. Icecreams and lollies already made. I wish you all very happy bank holiday and half term breaks.
Topics for when we return will include preparing for summer Solstice.

Ready to use
Leave space in the jug when blitzing


Ready to fill airtight jar

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