Making tie backs from scraps

Making tie backs from scraps


It feels like we are beginning to find our feet a bit again this week GD and I . For the longest time we have been  feeling a little bit at sea, after moving from our family home of thirty years, It has taken a bit of getting used to being here and as much we love where we have landed, there has been a feeling of being a stranger in a strange land. Today after altering some too long a pair of curtains I decided to make some tie backs from the extra material I had cut off from the bottom, In the past I wouldn’t have mentioned this but I feel so pleased that I have finished something a little bit creative and made something for our new home. This was very easy to do simply neaten and hem the lining material a little smaller than the rectangle of main material which will have been hemmed along both long sides leaving the narrow ends still open. Lay the lining material on top of the wrong side of the tie back and turn the narrow ends in on top, folding envelope style to obtain a neat finish. Machine along the edges of the turned ends and then along the length of the lining. To finish I added two key ring hoops, stitching by hand with extra strong cotton.This making of something has begun the first of the bonding to our home for me and we have made bread and a lovely meal of potato, onion, garlic, spinach, mushroom, red pepper, tomato, parsley, all lightly fried in olive oil. We took the protective table cloth off our table we had put on so we could feel and connect to the real wood beneath, we served the food from a hand wooden turned bowl  and we let out a sigh, we were coming home.

 Other big things happened today, after a first gas inspection of our new home we were advised to get a hive control as the wiring was dodgy on the boiler and the control was not working correctly, so we have a new hive control courtesy of British gas and it really is brilliant, we will be able to save so much by this simple to use device, and for me to say something techie is simple it really must be kindergarten easy.
We also managed to find time to have a little clear up of the shed where everything got relegated to that did not find a home initially and as we are living downsized and simper than before, we decided that some possessions were needing to find a new home. So pics of the teddies moving on now to new owners and a pic of Rays badges from his time in the boy cubs and scouts, some pillows and blankets donated to the new explorers and their camper van. Will leave you with pics of Molly’s new favorite place, we go here most days in the late afternoon, here she is looking out to sea at Portreath. Molly is finding walking extremely hard now so we take here where she can just sit, she does love this spot, she is not in pain,she is content.

                                      rosemary oil vaporizing hoping to increase my brain power

P.S.I need to pay attention to an aromatherapy exam I am half way through and then we are visiting family over the next week so the blog maybe quiet for a few days.

Happy Weekend all and a thought to leave you with.

Home Blessings; Our homes are living entities, far more than mere bricks and motor or wood and plaster. A home contains a spirit and a soul, just as you do, rituals and blessings allow you to connect with the spirit of your home, turning it into a place of comfort and renewal, a welcoming refuge from the stresses and strains of everyday life. 
(taken from a book by Jane Alexander the smudging and blessing                                                            book).


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