Starting again

Starting again
returning home from shopping

yay we are back from our travels to catch up with family, first stop was Richard and Ashleys family Borehamwood near Barnet north London, we had an early start at sunrise at Richards due to the dogs, ours and their pup willow. We saw a beautiful sunrise at Shenley orchard then later a lovely walk round our old stomping ground Trent park, we stopped at the moat and just sat drinking in all the sunlight streaming through the lush green canopy of trees, the light caught by the leaves sparkling like a spiders web glistening in early morning dew. Then up to Ashby in Leicester to see Nan and Joe, we were treated to lunch at the 1940’s cafe, just off the high street at the bottom of the hill, full of memorabilia, even the waitresses were in 1940’s dresses, make up and hair and hair nets, to match the era, I really enjoyed the music and food and they made a fuss of Molly too and were more than welcoming of her old frame laid out across the floor, Then down to St Alban’s to stay with eldest daughter Jen and family, Andrew also popped over to both Richard and Jens houses so we saw him as well. He seems to pop up where ever there is food says his dad GD. At Jens we took the kids to school and picked up little Jessica midday. We met up with Mike, mums friend on the Monday, coming all the way from Derby, so we could pay our respects to mum together, who has her ashes buried over at the church by Verulamum Lake. We were fussed over and spoilt everywhere we went, time flew and all to soon we we were back on the road down to Cornwall.

the way home from the shops

Yesterday the weather had us encased in low cloud which hung around all day, in the evening we went down to Portreath and watched all the youth out on the water practicing their kayaking skills with the youth group, we watched as they paddled out until they were eerily engulfed by the cloud mist then suddenly you could see them paddling back, racing to shore, only to run up the beach around a post and back into their kayaks. When we got home GD ordered his scaffolding boards from which he is going to make our bookcases, so will blog that as the project unfolds.

on our way back from shopping

This morning we awoke to the cockerel who lives next door, he starts of around 4 am and our girls inspired by his song begin their own clucking and calling soon after, so we don’t really get a lie in here, but it is waking with the light and settling with the light which is helping us to really become attuned to the changes and rhythms of the nature that surrounds us here.
For breakfast today we had home made bread GD made, GD also had homemade whisky marmalade from last year I had made, for lunch we had avocado, mashed with turmeric, sprinkled with sliced red onion, on a bed of tomato and crushed garlic, seasoned with fresh ground black pepper and Himalayan pink salt, all tossed in hemp seed oil and lightly grilled. To drink we had oranges juiced along with apple, ginger and spirulina, all juiced in my new juicer a Matstone multipurpose juice extractor, it has a masticating action, meaning its action is to push through gently, keeping more of the goodness and benefits of the foods intact, rather than the pulverizing action of a centrifugal model, it is also very quiet which was lovely, no deafening vroooming in my ears. I have wanted this for a few years now knowing how much fun and what a boon it would be to making the most of all the lovely organic produce we grow, (okay were growing), but the plan is to get started again, and getting some herbs and runner beans in this weekend is a place to start. We then had GD’s homemade yogurt with ground hemp seed and manuka honey. Tonight Julian and Jazz are over and I am making a mixed flour based pizza, with homemade tomato paste, seasonings, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. After we are set to play a board game they have called Dowton Abbey.

As I write I can see the washing drying in the light breeze and sunshine we have today, the weather in Cornwall is so diverse sometimes even from hour to hour, the washing is  hung out along the line, two poles keeping it aloft, I have started  using just soapnuts for washing and washing up, I can add vinegar as a softener and some essential oils if needed and its brilliant. Also since we have been here, almost two months now, we have not used a single bit of cling film and we have not missed it at all, I really did wonder to begin with how we would manage without it and now I can honestly say I cant think now what we actually ‘needed’ to use it for.

our apple trees in blossom

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