Views from the retreat house

Views from the retreat house
View from bottom of our garden


Among the pear blossom
peaceful haven

This is the view we have from the back of our garden. So today we put a heavy wooden bench there so as to offer that quiet space just to sit and read, to meditate or to contemplate, to have a cuddle with a loved one, to chat with friends, to read with the kids, to do nothing at all, simply to be, to sneak out to at midnight and listen to the hush of the world and if you are lucky the hum of the universe.
It was a full moon last night and now we can offer our family, our friends, our visitors who pass through, a place to sit and drink in the moons energy or to drink in the rays of the sun at any time of day, but oh the divine hours before the world wakes up, it sounds more like I am writing a delicious recipe and it is isn’t it really, a deliciousness of being alive. I keep imagining my eldest daughter sitting here being warmed by the sun, resting and taking in all the suns goodness and it makes me feel closer to her even though we are far away and then to all of the family no longer living just around the corner, I think of all of them in different combinations and send all of them healing and energies, ones I hope they could use at this time and its a meditation, a meditation that fills up my soul with lightness, so much so like a fountain lightness floods out to them and it makes me glad for this life.

Bench by the fruit trees


Preparing the herb bed
Looking back at the house
Meditating with  Molly
morning yoga

It was a little bumpy the move from being the parents running a busy house, having an income, but we are beginning to come into the season that is now unfolding to us and it is good.

Morning yoga is glorious here, the sun catches the back of the house and the only noise is that of the chattering of birds and of course the cockerel next door our very early morning alarm clock and then there is our own girls clucking wanting to get out into the grass extension to eat all the dandelions and daises that are prolifically carpeting the grass and there is the egg laying song which is sung even louder on Fae’s part than Henry’s dawn greetings next door, (Henry is what I have nicknamed him until I know his real name), as they proudly come down the ramp after laying in the nest boxes.

My gorgeous space
Lovely CD perfect for yoga

This is my gorgeous space,with candles, incense and the lovely Daphne Tse or Girish playing in the back ground, it has been hard to have the discipline to do the yoga this past year, before this year it had not been hard at all, but I want to say it has been difficult to get back into this time, I hope to encourage others who are finding practice and discipline hard by being honest, some mornings my body can do nothing more than rest and breath it is so tired, tired from menopause, tired from injury and pain, tired from all the transitionings and changes in life. All life is yoga though from standing in a long bank que to treating others with kindness to keeping our bodies and minds healthy. So it is not just about what happens on the mat, I like the idea of not being attached to outcome or to expectation I find life is so much more enjoyable and suffering is diminished in this way, its all yoga. After yoga a much looked forward to pot of herbal tea, nettle is my tea of the morning, I have had nettle tea now for must be over a decade, it is probably the only tea I would be hard pressed to replace if I could not get it, lucky for me there are nettles everywhere here, unpolluted and healthy, even at the bottom of the garden along the stonewalling.

melissa oil

I had been having vivid dreams and waking a lot recently so I have been using 3%Melissa oil in jojoba oil to put on my wrists and third eye  at night and I have to say it has a wonderful lemony aroma and it does seem to haves helped me to sleep more soundly and wake more rested.
Caution from organicfacts’ Melissa (also called lemon balm) essential oil is non toxic but may cause irritations to sensitive skin. Pregnant women should not use it as it can promote menstrual bleeding’. I also know there is some concern using with thyroid problems, always check safety for yourself and use oils responsibly and with awareness concerning your own health.

So this is a little spot we have made indoors at the end of the landing, the bathroom is on the right and to the left a little walkway that goes through from the extended part of the house to the old 1851 granite stone part, where two of the bedrooms are. The ones looking out to the ancient stones and monument of carnbrea.

The last pic is of GD’s terrible game called the fox and the hound, I show this pic just to say is it very nice to have the low table in the front room so we can play board games comfortably,the last house although bigger in many ways did not have a separate living room,  and as much as I don’t like the game, I would like to add I won, (not competitive mind), but great satisfaction whoop whoop!.

GD’s fox and the hound

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