Brexit and the making of logs by GD

Brexit and the making of logs by GD
This blogs working title was the science of logs, but we live in a world where so much can change so quickly, this week being one of these as Britain steps outside the EU. I have chosen my words carefully as I do not look at Britain leaving the EU as physical, this island of ours has not moved anywhere, but we have chosen to step to one side. At this point I am sure many people can debate the merits of that decision, the good and the bad, the wrong and the right about it and certainly the truths and facts about it, but it is done, the process and procedures needed for us to take that step will soon be underway. Within our family there have been many discussions and debates about the whole process, between the don’t knows, remain and leave, they at times have been emotional and heated, but people are people, we base our decisions on our own experience, knowledge and understanding of a situation, invoking our heart and our head, resulting in a conclusion that makes total sense to ourselves, and a look off bewilderment (and what are you thinking) from someone else, but after many debates and discussion in our sphere of knowledge, understanding our head and our heart, we all become experts, knowledgeable and knowing. But what at the end off it all ? what happens ? how do those that have secured their point of view not get over zealous and smug and those who feel that their point of view has not been taken on board get despondent and dis empowered, for my own penny’s worth ( or euros worth) I don’t think any one has lost or won, but rather we are just on a different route to the same destination, beyond the economics and trade agreements of the EU it is about relationship, unity, understanding and tolerance. While the trade and economics of life can be regulated, ordered, agreed and paperized , relationships, understanding and dare I say it love and respect for each other can not be, so the new road we are on is a more organic approach to this part of the journey, moving at a pace that each side can deal with, not forced, not manufactured, not instructed, not legislated, but allowed to grow and mature becoming solid and long lasting and deep for all, the trading agreements can all go on in the back ground, but the real work of world unity is done with a smile, a cup of tea, chat, a kind word, helping hand with your brother, sister, work colleague, friends, and just sit back and watch the ripple travel out getting bigger and bigger.

The Science of Logs

‘Marks’ local farm Logs
But there are also major issues closer to home and potentially just as important, and that is the purchase of logs, while there has been great confusion about the workings of the EU, its benefits or lack of and the truth of the information been given out by both sides of the argument plus all the financial implications, let me tell you the EU and and the purchase of logs have much in common. To start with every one is an expert, any one that has an open fire has a view point, a favorite supplier and type off log and the real keen will even try to explain the science of it all, to give you some idea do you use coal or wood or a combination, do you use Anthracite, Lignite, Sub-bituminous, Bituminous, all with their own merits, then we move into the world of logs softwood, pre- seasoned soft wood, hard wood, seasoned hardwood, dried hard wood or kiln dried hard wood, you then may even need to decided what type of wood i.e. birch or ash and we have not even thought about  the suitability of where the wood has come from, now we get the joy of moving into the area off manufactured heat logs, no lets not even list them. OK I have decided I have listened to all the experts, I have googled and researched, even purchased samples to try,  now how do I purchase?, do I buy by the net mini bags, crate or lorry load. We are now in to the area of one mans net size is not another mans net size, one mans lorry load will differ from another mans lorry load, crates that are delivered by the cubic meter, how have the logs been stacked in the cubic meter, and even the log market has its buy two get the third half price, or buy 10 nets and get 2 bags of kindling free. 
wood for the Rayburn
Having spent the past week thinking about the EU and which way to vote and sorting out the best place to purchase my logs from I believe that all our politicians through out this globe secretly also run the log market. So to limit my access in this market I will be attempting to step to one side and make some of my own paper fire bricks. This is a revisit to this area, as both myself and my brother have tried this in the past and found it time consuming for what comes out the other end but I am taking a different approach this time, I am not looking for the perfect looking fire brick but one that just burns well. 


Log press and fresh logs
So I have a big black dustbin filled with water, any cardboard or paper gets ripped and put in the bin of water, once the bin is full it is left for a week, at the end of the week the water is drained off and the paper mash is put in to the log press and pressed and shaped, each dust bin load gives about 10 fire bricks, the bricks are then stacked in the shed and left to dry, this drying process does take some time, we have 30 bricks underway at the moment.


Anything cardboard or paper gets torn up and soaked in water
Great way to recycle
Close up of texture
The set up


Final destination

How they will burn we will see, but they should burn well, no way will this be anything like enough logs but it will certainly help. That’s the wood for the fire sorted, now I have to sort out the best fire wood for the Rayburn stove, hopefully as I have now joined the log expert circle this should be more straight forward.

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