Brexit Britain is leaving

Brexit Britain is leaving
A new day tomorrow

Which ever way you voted today we woke with England a nation divided. After four decades we are leaving the E.U. Some are jubilant some are weeping.

My own house are emotionally divided on this, as are many houses and we are very representative of our little island all over. We need now to find the best way to move forward together. We will need each other more now than ever. Scotland are already calling for another independence referendum and what of Ireland, even London, a beacon of ‘remain in’ among all the leave. We stayed awake into the early hours watching the vote count before we succumbed to sleep, but my son home from uni stayed awake all night such was the importance of today’s vote to him, taking his third year of uni studying international politics in Prague come September he is worried and he has every right to be. Another son lives in London but can not get housed, every week he is pipped at the post by people just arriving in the area from abroad, while he is working he is not eligible for housing, so he sleeps at a friends house, and between his sisters and his brothers houses, but he would like to build a life and settle down with his girlfriend but is unable to afford the rents, he is happy with the result, he is the other side of the coin, both sons are living with real consequences of political directive, they are not distant to the effects, their lives are very real. Cameron has said he is stepping down from leading us as Prime minister, so the country needs a leader to steer us through this turbulent time. It is a time of uncertainty for sure, so we need to watch out for each other and for our neighbors. For myself at first I was stunned by the outcome, the polls had edged for remain even up to the last, I have concern for the vulnerable around us and also for my own family but I have also felt calm, It has made me want to sort out and to simplify to get things in order, I think it is the uncertainty that is over all of us. I am glad tonight to see though a Britain that appears to be positive and pulling together. I awoke fearful but tonight I feel hopeful that something is going to emerge beautiful, we may struggle but that very struggle may give us strength and bind us together, all of us, as Boris said not in an isolated way  but in a united and expansive way, that by leaving the giant we may be free to interact in a new way and with a new truth. That in struggling to grow, instead of being spoon fed, we may develop character and compassion that otherwise may not have seen light. In many ways I am  sad to be leaving the E.U. I liked the global unity of the E.U but from what I have seen today I believe there is a way forward that new friendships and deeper relationships will have space to flourish organically and that leaving is not a retreating or withdrawal but instead an opportunity of emergence of something new and exciting.  


quote from Rupal Shah Yoga teacher
Meditation practice needed today. The nation stands divided and one can’t help but think that relationships are going to suffer at a grass roots and a global level. Whatever you voted and whatever the outcome stay respectful of one another and stay present 🙏

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