Sausage making with GD

Sausage making with GD
Belly Pork

Hello GD here,
thought I would piggy back on my lovely wife’s blog since we have moved here to lovely Cornwall, and boy is it lovely, we have been moving at a pace settling in, doing bits around the house, lots of visits from sons, daughter, their spouses and girl friends and grand children and of course the occasional visit to the coast. I don’t think we have really had time to stop and think that this is now home, but that moment arrived for me just the other day, was it while me and Deb were strolling along the beach hand in hand or standing on the cliff tops looking out at sea or donning our wet suits for a dip in that same clear blue sea, body board in hand, NOPE it was when I had time to make my first batch of sausages, unpacking all my sausage making equipment and laying it out on the kitchen table, at this point I must confess to being some what of a hoarder/collector of such things, as I have 1 x electric sausage stuffer and mixer and should we have long term power cuts here in Cornwall I also have 1 x manual sausage mixer and stuffer, plus 1 x sausage stuffer each with a range of nozzle, plus I have my range of knives for cutting the meat, so with my sausage equipment all unpacked, cleaned and gleaming and a kg of pork shoulder and a kg of pork belly in the fridge just purchased from our local farm shop, I smiled to myself, pulled the sausage skins from their packet and thought I am home.

The Recipe I used is from River cottage handbook No.14 and is Gill Meller Breakfast sausages.

The mix


4 meters of sausage casing ( I used an artificial casing as I had some in but once all that is used up I will return to using hog casing)
1 kg pork belly, well chilled
1 kg pork shoulder, well chilled
200 g rice flour ( the recipe says dried bread crumbs you can use oats or flour, we had plenty of rice flour to hand and no dried bread crumbs so rice flour it was )
20 g salt
10 g freshly ground white pepper
5 g soft white sugar
¾ dried thyme ( the recipe said 1 tbsp chopped fresh thyme but our herb garden has only just started to be planted up here)}
100 ml iced cold water

Mincing through


Mincer and a sausage stuffer ( although when me and Deb made our very first batch of sausages we used the handle of a wooden spoon to stuff the meat in to the skins).

Stuffing the skins

Cut the pork belly and pork shoulder into 2 – 3 cm chunks, mince on your mincers ‘courses’ setting, put in a large bowl, add flour, salt, pepper, sugar and thyme, mix well, add water and mix again, mince again on the same setting, chill mixture while you get your sausage skins and stuffer set up and ready, fill and link (twist) your sausages, easier with two of you, this is also the appropriate time to come up with as many rude jokes as you can. Store in the fridge and enjoy or bag up and freeze.

Ready to  wrap



Cooking the sausages and ready to eat
Homemade rolls to eat them in

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