Photo moments of the last few weeks

Photo moments of the last few weeks
Evening cuddles Molly and Willow

Today is the first day of summer and also international yoga day. I woke to see the sunrise intending to do  practice first thing but alas I seem to have come down with something and instead have been resting with aches and pains and  a sicky headache. So I have slept and taken a salt and essential oil bath and instead of the usual blog I want to just upload some special time photos I managed to capture over the last few weeks.

First tea of the day


Morning yoga with Molly
GD & Molly enjoying the sun
preparing the herb bed
Wet suits drying
Man with an axe (GD)
After a morning dip with the family
hanging the wet boots out


Leon, Becks and Jessica new wet-suits
Jessica and tent in the garden fun


 Matt testing out the archery for the kids
Our local hill Carn brae
Max and Jacob making the burgers
home made ice cream vegan and dairy and lollies
Rich cooking the burgers
Vegan marshmallow so I can join in


electric scooter great for riding outside  in our no through lane


lovely pic of Jennifer and Rebecca
Traditional playing of game, Uno this time, after Sunday dinner
preparing the table for J&J birthday


family walk at Trent park on our first visit back


Fathers day brunch at Julian and Jazz’s
Will blog later tastes divine
home made vegan walnut truffles


Vegan making bone broth from pasture fed cows for auto immune boost diet for one of the kids


solstice drumming along to Lisa Thiel & Damh the bard & mead bitter and wine to sample


GD singing along


Such a shame the sun set doesn’t show, was glorious reds under the clouds, sea in the foreground, up at North cliffs, there were people having bonfires on the cliffs, really lovely evening.


Arriving home our lovely cottage


Sun rising as let the chickens out



have always wanted to watch the birds and now I see the birds at the feeder from my back door all the time


collecting crumbs under the feeder


love the local fruit in the basket just had to share as these are not deep gassed supermarket offerings great to be able to provide healthy foods for our  family and friends


Lovely green juices from our new Mastone juicer


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