Backyard Permaculture

Backyard Permaculture

We spent the past week clearing out all the rubbish in the garden left by the people before us. GD salvaged all the wood, sand, ballast, slate, bricks, paving slabs, metal mesh anything really that was reusable that was stuffed and crammed into all the hidden from view places in the garden and he transformed the side and back of shed by breaking down some of the slate, slabs and bricks and with the sand and ballast laid down a usable path around the side and back of the shed. Meanwhile I dug and cleared away all the rubble, weeds and roots that had been left in a raised bed, overgrown and neglected.


Broken Slate chips
Ballast pathway

We want our garden to provide us with fruit, vegetables, herbs, plants and flowers that can be eaten, used medicinally or crafted. Measuring 60 x 23 foot plus patio area 16 x 14 foot our garden is little bigger than our suburban garden which we left mid March to move here to our smaller downsized cottage on the outskirts of the coastal town of Portreath.



Envisioning a garden based around permaculture principles working with nature to support nature and not strip the eco system, to have a sustainable out come is the foundation of our aims. Our first step was to plant some herbs near to the back door of the kitchen, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Mint and Dill. The Mint and Dill are in pots so as not to overtake the raised herb bed. We placed a solar powered little pond  with the herbs, as yet we have no lining stone or plants but they will come, we want to provide water for the birds and bees which frequent our garden, attracted largely I think by our neighbours wonderful climbing roses which intertwine over the old stone walling with the first of our trees. We put out some homemade fat balls too from the lower branches which have been lapped up by our feathered visitors and its been great fun to watch the antics of the smaller house sparrow, blue tits and robins and the larger magpies and crows.

Today we are planting Mustard Southern Giant lettuce, Reine des Glaces a toothed crisphead lettuce , Kyoto Market Green leaf  Bunching Spring Onion and Ishikura Long White Onion and lastly Sanguina Beetroot.

The Real Seed Packets
Salad bed



I look around this morning with gratitude for this beautiful day and our beautiful garden, there are small apples and pears growing on our four small trees, it is true it is daunting to be setting up again after years of working in our old garden with its well established rhubarb patch and fruit bushes, deep beds, green house, water butts and compost heaps, but it is also exciting, a fresh canvas, and with more time now to engage fully with growing and caring, not just for our families and nature, but caring also about ‘how’ we do life.

Our two chickens Fae and Crystal have also been doing their bit scratching over the areas for planting I think they have been enjoying their work so far.



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