Molly Dog Remembered

Molly Dog Remembered


Pic above: Portreath front. Molly loved it here.

We had a beautiful dog called Molly. She came to live with us as my daughters dog during the time of foot and mouth and she stayed with us after my daughter left for uni.

The day my daughter brought her we had gone to buy feed for the chickens and my daughter went over to look at the puppies, we brought the feed but my daughter would not leave with us, she had slumped down in front of the glass panel of the puppy pen and was crying.

Pic below Molly with her  mum Jen on a recent visit.


The notice on the front of the pen had the original price of the pups slashed through several times, the lady there said that the puppies were going to be put down in a few days time  as there was no movement on animals at the time and the puppies were getting too old. The pups were not being walked and all of them were way to small and skinny for their ages, they looked much more like six months than the eight months they actually were.

Pic below Molly with the youngest who named her when he was just five years old.


I was a childminder at the time and really did not want the extra safety conditions of keeping a dog with the little ones in my care, but my eldest daughter was going through a rough patch and we too saw the littlest pup looking feebly at us, sorrowfully and hopefully raising a paw to touch our daughter glass pressed hand

and we said yes.

My elderly mother was also with us and said we were idiots and did not speak to us for three full days after we brought Molly home.


Pic above: Molly with second youngest who ran fully clothed into a winter sea to rescue Molly after a rogue wave took her arthritic legs out and dragged her out.


The very night we had brought her home we had a call to come pick up one of our younger boys from a holiday with a friend at the friends Nan’s house, my son had multiple health issues and was crying to come home, the Nan felt he should. So off across country we drove leaving the new and as yet timidly quiet pup with the older teenagers.


pic above: Molly enjoyed her welsh camping every year and her trips out in the Canoe up at Snowdon.

On returning home we opened the door to a bounding  Tigger of a dog who for the next five years led us many merry adventures with her selective hearing response to commands and her Labrador drive to seek out all things food.



Pic above: always so good with the children

Having been so starved in the first months, she would eat anything, from baby socks hoovered straight off their feet as they sat eye height in buggies or high chairs, to bottle tops, stones and many a pound coin, she ate apple pies left to cool, an entire basket of collected eggs, a birthday cake leaving just the jelly figures off of the top, shoes, chair legs, 5 lbs of mincemeat,  and yes even the proverbial piece of children’s homework.

The first time we took Molly for a walk her paw pads bled so bad where she had not been out because of the foot and mouth restrictions.


Pic above: Molly and Willow eldest sons puppy enjoying the fire.

Molly was a pedigree black Labrador retriever and she had a posh name  called something something Dandy cup Girl but we just called her Molly, the youngest boy named Molly from the current library book he was reading called Molly and Meg and it stuck, sometimes it was Mole, Moles or Molly dog.



Pic above: always a loving dog.


Pic above: GD with molly cliff top walks

Molly was a ball of boundless energy her first five years, but put her around children and she was as gentle as a lamb. With the child minded children she put up with being sat on, pummeled, even having dolly hats strapped on her, never once did she complain or nip.

When one of our grandchildren took to sleeping in her under stairs space, she simply laid down with them, putting her paws protectively over him.

She knew this little one needed a little more care than his louder, more rambunctious siblings.

Molly gave love unconditionally, loving him and all of us, all of her life.


Pic above: Molly and morning yoga

Molly dog was my constant companion and even though I have worked in various roles many of them were at home in the mothering or the caring roll. Molly was always at my side, if I was ironing she was under the board, if baking, she laid across the kitchen door, in the garden she trotted around behind me, often eating my strawberries and other delicacies as I tended them!,

Mostly though I loved it whenever I was at my keyboard typing, (which is often) Molly would always come lay so my feet could give her a good tummy rub.

She was a boon when my mother developed Alzheimer’s and came to live next door to us, even  mum in all her fits and moods would calm down when Molly sat beside her.

Molly deserved better than us really, but we always gave her our best and we loved her dearly.


pic above: Godrevy. Moles favourite place.

Molly made it to Cornwall with us and she loved it, she loved being driven to the clifftops at Godrevy where we would sit together, me GD and her, just watch the sunset or We’d go to Portreath and sit at the front watching the people on the sands and seeing the waves crashing down on the shoreline. She loved Tehidy woods and we went to these places during her last week even though we had no knowledge it would be the Friday we would be calling the vet.

On her last day she had had a particularly bad night, she had been sick but not been able to raise herself away from it, in the morning she wanted no food and we saw she had blood spotting from her.

We took her to the back of the garden where she used to love to sit under the apple tree, the sun was out but there was a breeze so we covered her a little with her blue blanket and we stroked her for two hours talking to her and telling it would be alright to go home now.

When my sons family returned to the cottage he rang the vet on seeing her so weak and he asked the options we would have for her, the vet remembered Molly  said she knew we would be ringing soon and to take her in. Everyone said their goodbyes and Molly just laid there looking peaceful but weary, we gently cleaned her all up.

We took her the back way in to the vets, the vet was waiting and had a white fleece laid on the floor for her, we sat around her and the vet talked us through things, she gave Molly an anesthetic dose in preparation for the top up that would send her on her way but Molly did not need it with a final snore she let go. No top up was needed.

No more arthritis, no more lumps, hearing and sight restored, her spirit will be reunited to God.

Our youngest brought some flowers and put them by Molly’s tree, we put some wire round to protect them from Willow our sons little beagle pup. Tuesday we pick up her ashes and when our other son has arrived in the evening  we will put her under her apple tree.


We were very privileged to have had Molly on our journey and we send her on her way with all our gratitude and love.




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  • Your beautiful tribute to Molly touched my heart as another dog owner and lover of animals. I too wrote a similar post about the very same thing and I know the heaviness in your heart will lighten as time passes, but Beautiful Molly will always and forever hold a special place in your families hearts.. Thank you for this post and sharing the wonderful love between owner and pet with us here on Word Press..

    Take care, from Laura

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