Patchouli Soap and Beeswax

Patchouli Soap and Beeswax


new beginnings

I wanted to share this moment that the postman delivered my beeswax block order and patchouli soap.

It feels like  first steps.


The beeswax is to make natural waxed cloth food covers, replacing cling film.

The beautiful patchouli soap is all natural ingredients and will replace shower gel, bath bubbles and shampoo.

Salt water swimming  drys out the hair, I use organic earth friendly conditioner  I  used to use coconut oil and also Argan oil, so back to them.

Why am I sharing this?.

I believe that we need to help our mother earth, I use her name Gaia. My aim is not just to live sustainably I also want to help the earth in regenerative ways, to give back and not just take.

I am a newbie at this  and I am conflicted, beeswax is from living sentient beings, but I know it is better than  throwing  toxic waste in landfill, I don’t want my rubbish to  be still decomposing when my great grandchildren are trying to find a space to live on this earth free of their ancestors rubbish.

I can not understand the blindness and/or apathy in general to the detrimental effect our way of living is impacting the world.

new beginnings


I could get overwhelmed at the enormity of it all, but instead I must just begin one footstep at a time and hope that the first little ripple will be forever outward reaching.


new moon


I want my life to have meaning and for me that means not living as an isolated being, but  connected, connected to the heartbeat of all that is life and that includes animal, mineral and plant, that which is seen and that which is not always visible and yet has vibration, and all vibration is as important as our human life, if any is missing, worst case even in extinction, then we are out of harmony, out of balance, we are dis- at- ease and dis- at- ease means we are sick, diseased, ill.

So I am looking for ways to regenerate, give back. I have to start small.

I know yet no other way.

I am appalled we flush with precious water our dirt back into the sea, can you imagine if marine life started to dump all their waste down on us ? there would be outcry and yet the sea keeps giving its benevolence to us and  marine life keeps forgiving us and  probably will keep doing so, until we silly humans;

Totally extinct our selves from the face of the earth.

Where we live in Cornwall water is an expensive resource and so it should be, we have among the highest rates anywhere and this helps awareness of the preciousness and the value of water to the earth.

I remember during the water shortages hose piping bath water out to the garden for the plants and this seemed so sensible to me.

I cant wait to do more I would like to be composting our toilet waste and saving our grey water and these things may come but for now I am making natural food wraps and seeing where I can cut down the range of commodities we use as a family.

We don’t flush the loo at every pee, and GD and I and the younger boy grandchildren wee in a bucket and give nutrients back to the soil.

Using Urine as a fertilizer is a practice as old as time, full of nitrogen, plants use it to synthesize amino acids, enzymes, proteins and chlorophyll, it contains phosphorous and potassium and replenishes the soil of depleted minerals.Dilute it one part wee to twenty parts water and sprinkle around,not directly over the plants. Also great for helping compost to decompose, just use as is.

Hopefully natural soap is going to meet the needs/wants of  ourselves and visitors (be warned visitors). Its okay we will still have organic earth friendly for the less radical among us, you know who you are!.

But we are hoping also that some of our aims will rub off and just like home cooking and camping will show up in our children’s lives,  like ripples on a pond



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