Reclaiming Space

Reclaiming  Space


Just outside the back of our house we found the remains of a shed, apparently according to our new neighbours a mini tornado ran through what is now  our garden taking the roof  off of the shed, next door suffered much more though, the tornado completely ripped their shed apart and lifted it along with their whole fence and  a chain saw that had been on the lawn, depositing them further down the lane in someone else’s back yard!.

No one mentioned the tornado when we brought the house funnily enough. England isn’t much prone to extreme weather conditions and hailing from London apart from rain we have been pretty much sheltered from elemental forces, but every time I speak with a local they whistle through their teeth and say “you’d better be battoning down anything light, the wind fair blows thru’ down ‘ere it does”. Any ways with all the bits of wood and pallets still laying around GD has done a wonderful job of reclamation and has fixed us up a really workable little space.


GD  plank lined the broken wall behind him and reinforced the framework




GD made hooks for the tools and brackets for the shelving a work bench and some shelving from pallet wood,  paving slabs left over from our sons garden he set down for the floor which we will shingle in between when we find some  and he put in the old rack  that we revamped and painted blue just before we moved.

While GD has been busy in the garden I have been experimenting, making some bread with Einkorn flour, Eikron flour is the only wheat in existence that has never been hybridized its unique genetics and  superior nutrient content means people  with specific dietary needs can often tolerate this wheat over standard wheats. I am super excited that this bread has come out brilliantly and I can hardly resist the temptation to break into it but I must be patient and wait for it to cool or I risk squishing the bread before it has finished baking inside.


Also I made some ice cream today, this is the vanilla one everyone always wants and my grandchildren have been telling their teacher about and  I will blog the recipe on here later especially for their dad who also would like to make his own. Its really super easy and you can at least source organic or perhaps local farm milk and cream. There are some vegan ice cream recipes on an earlier blog if you prefer that are really nice too.


The other things that happened today are I have ordered some beeswax pellets and some cotton material to make some natural food wraps, we have not used cling film for months now but it does get hard trying to keep everything in glass or tins and as always have to be patient now in my excitement  for the pieces to arrive.

And – the first of my radishes are starting to peep through and the first red buds are out on our runner beans.  yeaye!!!  i’m actually doing a little dance this end.

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