Lands End Fireworks

Lands End Fireworks

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening during the summer there are fireworks at lands end at dusk around 9 pm. A story and music accompany the displays.


We parked away from the actual car parks which get really busy with holiday makers this time of year and walked down about quarter of a mile. GD, our son, daughter in law and myself.


Its a pleasant walk as the sun is setting and there is a pathway for all but a few yards of road about half way down.

We were afforded a spectacular double rainbow over us in a perfect arch as we walked.


The heather, wild flowers and  gorse were resplendent with purple, pinks, blue and yellow hues.


As we neared we could see lots of people out enjoying the night. Music from a live band drifted our way, as did the lovely aroma of foods from the outlets around the square, the Local Cornish Brew booth looked very  inviting.


We sat and looked out as the sun went down.


Families laid out picnic blankets and everyone began to gather for the storytelling and firework display.


At last it was time, all settled the fireworks began.



Afterwards as everyone began to disperse, the pasty man came round with a tray full of cheese pasties at a bargain one pound each.

The famous Lands end signpost.


lands end

As we walked back there was a camaraderie feel in the air.

We were at  Lands end, the Southern tip of England, nothing else between us and America, thousands and thousands of miles of ocean. We had just been privy to a treat of lights in the sky. Since ancient time what man has not been awed by the sight of fire in the sky, or felt warmed by the gathering of people for the telling of stories  Every single person now making their way home beside us can only have been one place, that was here at Lands end in a  sharing of time and space together. Everyone now has to travel the same path to begin their journey home, the long road up and out of Lands end.

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