Storm Waves

Storm Waves

P1030866The moon has been waxing and growing fuller, until two nights ago under the fullness of the moon, the waves along our shoreline that had been building in height and strength, gradually sending all but the most experienced and hardiest of surf boarders back to the shore, climaxed with up to 60 mile an hour off shore winds and driving rain and eventually there was no one to be seen out, the fury of the sea was evident.

P1030861The RNLI and the Coast Guard were all out, along the coastline and in our little harbor bay.

They moved all of us that had gone to witness the unusual swells back up and well away from the lower railings.


For two nights now the waves have shocked local people. All along the bays people are out just looking at the power of the sea.



Many come to this stretch of Cornwall for its gentle warmer sun and families pack the beaches during the school holidays, toddlers play with buckets and spades and children and adults alike explore in the many streams and rock pools along the beaches, ice cream vendors pack in a roaring trade.

We drive further along to Godrevy

Now nature washes all traces of calm and human activity away, with crashing rolling waters,  fingers of wash reach eerily up to the very dunes and wooden planked walk ways that make the paths down from the cliffs to the flatness of the beaches.


Dark overcast skies and dark rocks blend into each other


I go out to take photos. As I stand well back and zoom lens in, huge gusts of wind catch at me and although I am safe, adrenaline surges and I catch hold of GD.


I am somewhat relieved I find when we get back to the safety and normality of the car and we are on our way home.

Sometimes in our man made world we may forget that nature is in fact the boss here. Mother earth will have the last say in the end, because although while we are essentially spirit, on earth we are  spirit housed in little blips of organic matter.Like a wake up call, exposure to the winds and being witness to the elements, a deep respect swells within me and reminds me of how our mother speaks with us if we will only listen.

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  • That was phenomenal. When we moved to the Oregon coast at the beginning of this year I witnessed a storm in all her glory and felt so alive. Wonderful moments to experience her energy. 💙

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