Eco Park Allotment

Eco Park Allotment


We have an allotment on an organic site!.


It is on the Eco Park at Portowan a six minute drive. Once we have bikes we will try try to cycle there. We have a patch in the middle of about a dozen that are nestled on the land here. The community patch is alongside ours  and the huge community poly tunnel is behind us.


Picture above is half our allotment covered, the other half and tyres to weigh the sheeting down to go. The allotment people have done this to help get it in shape and we have it free over winter to prepare for spring. We will be card boarding this gradually covering with layers of compost between so as to bring nutrient back to the earth, rather than just leaving it with cover alone, but doing this is a big help to us to get us started.

On the site  are amazing things all relevant to living a sustainable Eco friendly life from examples of shepherds huts, a timber framed atrium, rammed earth walls, clay ovens, composting toilets and solar powered water sinks.


Pic above is as you go through the gate to the allotments, ours is just past the big blue shed on the left..

There are roots markets with local crafts held here, music festivals, food events and so much more.People even get married here in a grass covered amphitheater with willow arch and hilltop views out over the sea along with a vegetarian banquet to follow.


The allotment is 60 feet long by 16 feet wide, the above picture is taken from the side. In the back ground is a Wendy house the previous people left. We  have a bench table to go at the back so when the grandchildren come down we can have some food there, youngest granddaughter will love the house. One day though the Wendy house will be replaced with a poly tunnel or cold frame when little J is done with it.

It is a long term project with years ahead of us, we are envisioning sunsets and sunrises spent here in a most beautiful place with such good vibes, who could ask for more, seriously in some ways this may well become a second home to us.

Feel like the cat that got the cream.We couldn’t believe when we made the inquiry we would be eligible to an allotment here.

Bit daunting in an exciting energizing way. This is what we came to do down here , to change our lives to an more Eco friendly, gentler, more sustainable way of living.

We once did have an allotment back in London, but we grow organically and the guy next to us was the complete opposite nuking all and everything in the vicinity and on many occasions it included our crops. It did not work out for us there. But now we are on an organic site.

GD and I are filled with gratitude and awe that our dream, our vision is becoming a reality. p1040452

Above is the entrance to the allotments and just to the left out of shot is a huge pile of continuous free compost  made from the wood shavings from the timber business on site and manure from the stables next door.How brilliant is that!.p1040449

Looking back down the path we re on the right hand side. And can you believe the sea is just over the ridge.

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