Mabon Table

Mabon Table


Happy Mabon !

‘Mabon’ the ‘autumn equinox’ comes at my favorite time of the year.  When the leaves are turning golden red and the heady high days of summer are giving way to the cooler slower days that will take us into winter.

Mabon the days are in balance, light and dark are equal, just like the scales  Mabon speaks of balance. A time now for the earth to rest and there is opportunity to take time to remember all the  good things that have come our way over the past year, be it bounty of the earth, friends family and relationships, work or adventures and to remember also the things that have come to us which may have come as loss, but never the less I give thanks and gratitude for these things too,  for without darkness there is no light without sadness there is no laughter.


I love gathering the ingredients together for the meals I am to make. For this meal to share with our son and daughter in law, I am making mushroom pate, nutloaf , corn on the cob and baby potatoes, for pudding blackberry stuffed apples with honey , rapadura sugar and elder flower wine.



After dinner I put out some sweets and we each brought a stick  to the table which we decorated with ribbon, as we decorated we thought about what we would like to weave into our lives. For me this was the organic growing of veg at our new allotment so I wrapped a green ribbon, I thought about the earth and what I could do to nourish the earth so I wrapped a brown ribbon over the green and then I thought about the sharing of the earths bounty with others, family and friends and neighbors. I felt such a sense of love for the world so I wrapped a red ribbon with hearts on it on an outward branching part of my stick.



We had prepared some pots of earth earlier in the day and now we pressed crocus bulbs into the soil and as we covered them we thought about things that no longer served us and released them, as we pushed the bulbs into the dark soil we thought about  any new ideas taking form, just as the bulb is planted and lays quietly through the dark winter months only to burst and grow in the spring so too do we visualize and strengthen our creativeness as we nurture our inner world during the resting phase of the years cycle.


We let our candles one black one white burn either side of our seasonal tray, we placed the elements of the directions and some autumnal nuts and an apple from our tree there also.


It was synchronicity that our neighbor dropped the wood off for our fire this afternoon. I did smile as I realized our little mabon dragon placed before the wood was put there, hovers above the log pile. maybe a bit too much symbolism of bringing the fire of the sun through the season !.



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