Walking the Wind

Walking the Wind



p1040711I have been studying hard the past few weeks, I have an aromatherapy exam very soon, my head is full of aroma, body systems and massage facts. I am always excited by the wonderful way everything is connected, the astounding journey of the scent molecule through the body, affecting brain function, memory, emotion, the systems of the body and so much more, I get inspired by how we can bring balance and healing through knowledge of the plants around us, their properties and their benefits.p1040706



Well I have so much more studying to do, so there wont be much chance of blog posts until after I finish, I will also be away for a few days for the exam, but I wanted to touch base with everyone before I totally take time out, and I did take a walk along the cliffs for an hour today and wanted to share the pics I took.p1040697


Top fields were closed with a board saying ‘meteorological warning’, the wind was picking up, the rain began to fall, many time the rescue helicopter passed over the coastline. In Cornwall its like God just tips the rain down on us, nothing gentle about it, the dips in the roads fill up like duck ponds, the roads run with little rivers down the edges.p1040719

As I looked down the coast there was sun, rain, dark clouds, lightening and a rainbow all at the same time.p1040674




Over in the sea beside us seals were lazily lolloping about, letting the rise and dip of the waves move them about. The wind was invigorating, as we walked GD and I felt like we were walking the wind . The coast here is deep with shadows and stories of old, you could almost hear the voice of the wind whispering her secrets. Sometimes I think I hear her singing. I wonder if it is the wind or could it be the Mer people that folk speak of around these parts. p1040671


GD and I were completely soaked to the skin as we got back to the car. With the heater on we made our way back to our cottage. GD lit the fire and I made turmeric almond milk, made with a half teaspoon of turmeric and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg, all warmed through. Turmeric has wonderfully healing properties, is high in antioxidants, anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial, a fantastic spice, yummy in warmed almond milk.p1040721


May not post for a while but look forward to posting again from mid November. Take care, keep being love in the world, bye for now 🙂 Xxx.


pic above funny little bird posing for a pic.

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