Felted Christmas Stockings

Felted Christmas Stockings

So lovely to be making another felted stocking this year.


Lovely because making a new stocking means another soul has joined our tribe or as GD would say clan.

This year the stocking is for our newest member, my forth son’s girlfriend.

Georgi is a gorgeous girl and has a fondness for my son and for pugs, much to the bewailment of my son who like huskies and such like.

So it is that it is a pug that adorns the new felted Christmas stocking brandishing a festive red and white scarf that will be hung empty in a jolly row of pinned stockings ready to be filled Christmas night. The tradition is that they remain hung until after the midday meal on boxing day when adults and children alike then receive their treasure of sweet filled stocking, occasionally we put small gifts in too like a pencil, a toy car, lip balm.


A lovely addition to the other 17 stocking all representing a much loved member of the family and the one spare for any unexpected stay over.


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  • Lovely lady, I wish you would consider writing a book and including every one of you thoughts and stories from Cornwall. I would be first in line to buy a book. Your stories and renditions warm my heart each time I read your blog. Brightest Blessings Dear Sister,
    aka- SunRay Sorceress

  • Thank you so much Trisha for your wonderful comment, I am very thankful to you and heartened by your encouraging words ,so glad you are enjoy the posts. I am trying to be better at writing things down and your comments encourage and give me energy to keep blogging our experiences, many thanks and best wishes to you, love and light

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