Up here in Wales

Up here in Wales

Well GD and I are up here in Wales the past few days, this is the desk that I am writing fromP1040922.JPG

and this is the  flagstone veranda outsideP1040934.JPG

The photo does not show what you see over the low wall the following pic will fill you inP1040946.JPG

this is only half way up the hillside, from the top you see thisP1040969.JPG




The mountains in the background are snow topped, if it was not for the fire constantly stoked with a mix of logs and coal, warming us and giving us hot water, GD myself and his brother, we would freeze.


We are at little brothers place halfway up a welsh mountain where little bro has planted a hillside of trees, he is just out of the ‘man who planted trees’ story.


a small orchard and until recently had a small herd of goats and a scattering of chickens. This land is where the deer roam down and sleep in the top fields that run right up to the stone wall that boarders with the walks up onto the hard bony outcropping that leads onto the welsh forested mountain side.

Derek’s land has a natural well, he is off grid with his water, from the well the water runs down the hillside. From here you can see the river Severn  meandering the valley floor, it is all breathtakingly beautiful.



In all the years little bro has been here this is only the third time we have been here having respected  Derek’s other half wishes to live in seclusion, having now parted we are helping Derek to clear and clean up in order to sell. Its all been so sudden, unforeseen, catching my brother in law by surprise.

This is a writers dream of a place, it is breathtaking.

We are so sad for the lost opportunity of helping Derek make ago of this place, with all the lads and our strong lasses in our family, a few working weekends would easily turn the holding around, herb gardens, vegetable plots, small animal husbandry, there are workshops as well on the different levels of land of which there are three, with power saws and all manor of tools and equipment. There is the 2nd cottage from where i am plugging in for temporary network signal and the top buildings as well.

With the split taking place for the settlement Derek is is having to wind everything up . He has ideas of a small croft in the outer Hebrides another adventure perhaps, but at the moment this parting of relationship and of land is just awful.


Entrance to the main cottage circa 1820’s.


Pic above-Side cottage  and steps to what would be the vegetable and herb garden.


pic above-Steps to the second cottage.


Pic above-Steps again onto the path to the top lands, four acres of it.


Pic above-Its a long walk up the hill, time for a breather.


Beautiful conifers before a steep drop to the edge of Derek’s borders.

There are more buildings and sheds and animal barns, so much more than this simple blog can convey .

This is all part of the journey, for Derek, for us in the literal sense and of course in the sense of lifetimes.


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