When I’m on my Mat

When I’m on my Mat



I set an intention of rising every morning at 5.30 am, occasionally I am waiting to rise, I lay there taking in the darkness, reveling in the comforting stillness of the predawn time. Often the cockerel next door will have been crowing since three am.Sometimes I like to hear him giving his all,though sometimes he disturbs my usually quiet girlies (chickens) and they get their tail feathers all in a fluffle and start clucking their chorus back to him. Its more likely to be 6 am come the winter before I manage to transition my  body into child pose under the duvet, preparing to leave my  toasty nest, deliciously warm, and  venture to the cold tiles of the bathroom floor, even through my nice fleece lined booties the floor is hard and the air in these Cornwall cottages is cold and I mean brrrr cold !. The fires of last night may leave some warmth in the hearth vicinity, but the upstairs takes time. But soon I am standing beneath the spray of warm water from the shower, I let the water cascade over me and fall on my eyelids, in our old house the shower was just a hose attached to the taps, this is bliss, one I will never take for granted. Lately I have punched in the heating to come on early to make the air breathable and not so ice like, but its costs a lot of money and makes it a luxury not to be afforded too often. Having exposure to these elements of the seasonal changes is no bad thing either, it makes you know you are alive.

As I wander down the stairs and through the kitchen I catch the neon lights that modern day living affords us, the red glow of the phone cradle, the green flashing spots of light from the modem. I make  nettle leaf brew in my teapot and place it on the cast iron ring warmer, as I take it and my cup through to the the front room the oldest part of the cottage I am cocooned in stone walling and given reprieve of artificial light.

I light my hearth candles, and the smaller lotus flower tea lights. I place a lotus flower before a statue of Shiva and light an incense stick, my favorite at the moment is Amrita from mother India fragrances.


With my mat, blanket and silk cushion I sit or lay down and prepare to meditate, some days I do no more than meditate, I listen to my body and its rhythms as to what I will do. Some days I may  chant or listen to mantra,  some days it can be all asana and pranayama, I may decide to read, The Bhagavad gita or Rumi,  Glennie Kindred or Star Hawk or the Bible, all is done with devotion to God.


For me there is no one pathway, all pathways are source and rivers to the Divine.We will all take different paths in life according to our own unique experiences and understanding, all of us are expressions of the Divine, no matter who we are, from the smallest atom to the largest blue whale, we are created from stardust from Divine source.

There is something so sweet in the pre-dawn hours that make it so worthwhile, the effort to rise early, it becomes addictive, it calls to you. Connecting to the light  you can relax and refresh. You can attune to what you are feeling, become a witness to it instead of reactive, things become clearer, less frantic, you can regain equilibrium.


It was from this sanctuary I mused over what course of action to take after receiving a diagnoses of bone loss, I have been a vegetarian for almost three decades now with vegan leanings, it has been a long time since I have drunk anything but ahimsa milk. I know many green vegetables will give me calcium and soy products, all of which I consume with relish, but still here I am with something that potentially could stop me walking the cliffs, growing vegetables and giving massages, my joys indeed.

I have just finished reading the Dali lama’s cat trilogy and the Dali lama gives advice to a young girl on the karma of eating meats, and on medical advice both the Dahli Lama and the girl proceed to include some animal produce in their diet.


Ahimsa milk has not made it to the southern regions of Cornwall so I looked into milk production and found the channel island cows are grass fed and the milk is left unhomogenized.

P1040869.JPGThis milk comes straight from purebred Jersey and Guernsey cows, which are renowned for producing luxuriously rich milk. Milk from Jersey or Guernsey breeds, sometimes labeled Channel Island milk, and has a particularly rich and creamy taste. It tends to be higher in fat than regular whole milk, and richer in fat-soluble vitamins, especially Vitamin A.

Image result for channel island cows

So today I begin incorporating milk back into my diet. GD once went over to the islands and now I am wanting to make the trip so I can see for myself how the animals are kept.

We will be away for a week now perhaps longer as GD and I prepare and go up to visit relatives in Wales and Northern regions, then back down home via stop offs in and around London for our  eldest of Children and grandchildren. Wish us luck! the old car is getting a bit tired and we are asking a lot of mileage out of her.

‘Peace and Blessings to all’.



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  • What lovely little peek into your life and practice! I love everything you said about appreciating the small conveniences of your current home, accepting the discomforts of nature as part of what makes us feel alive, and your meditation about your health and how to attend to it in the most conscious way possible! These are all concepts I’ve been contemplating too, and it was nice to read your perspective. Brightest blessings!

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