Allotment update December 2016

Allotment update December 2016

We were lucky enough to get an allotment back in September and it looked like this.


pic above-overgrown and unloved for many a month.


pic above-a challenge ahead.


pic above-our first day.

GD and I have been trying the no dig method. To begin with we used the black sheeting that was already on the site, laying it down over the entire run and weighing it down with tyre rings also left around for the growers to use. We gathered every scrap of cardboard we could and began gradually rolling back the sheeting replacing it with soaked cardboard as we got it, we soaked  the cardboard to give it weight as the wind just blows any dry away in a second being so close to the cliffs and it also gives a boost to start the cardboard rotting down.


We are so fortunate to have access to good unlimited manure provided by the stables on site. The wood business on site provides sawdust to the stables which is mixed with the horse manure which is then delivered to the allotments as compost, free for all to use.To conserve water we used the water gathered in dips on the black sheeting and when that was no longer an option we were able to fill up our wagon with harvested rain water.P1050133.JPG

Pic above- GD soaking cardboard.


pic above- me shovelling manure covering the cardboard. It is December but the sun was shining and it got so hot!.


pic above-almost to the end of the allotment.

We have had very few weeds breaking through the layer of cardboard and compost and where it did we simply applied another layer, making a sandwich effect, or lasagna layers I like to call it.


We managed to save the raspberry patch and transplanted the rhubarb making a rhubarb tyre tower. Excited now to finish the run and start setting up the deep beds and growing beds.

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