Mushroom Pate

Mushroom Pate


Yesterday I was busy making mushroom pates, a nice veggie compliment to the usual pork and liver pates that often go with cracker based snacks post Christmas day.

This is our first Christmas away from London and its been a different kind of lead up to Christmas.We are settling into our hamlet terrace, getting to know our neighbours and settling in to a way of life that has a softer community bound feel about it and a slower humbler pervading essence.


It is strange today that as GD and I witnessed the winter solstice yesterday that both of us feel that today is like a new years day.


Today we are off to gather fresh evergreen to decorate the house, we are preparing for the arrival of our kin folk, our youngest returned from Prague late afternoon yesterday, another and his girlfriend arrive tonight, more family will be gathering for new year festival and our local children will join us for food and celebrations over this time of Yule



1/2 lb butter

1 onion chopped

1 lb mushrooms washed and chopped

pinch of black pepper

1 tablespoon  worcester sauce

pinch of salt

pinch of cayenne pepper

1 free range egg



Melt 6 oz of the butter in a deep edged frying pan and gently cook the onion until soft


Add the mushrooms and the seasonings..p1050247

and cook gently for 30 minutes, giving it a stir now and again.


Give it a quick fast boil to reduce any excess liquid.


Liquidise, a hand held blender does the job fine.


Allow to cool a little then add the beaten egg, blending well.

Return to the pan and and cook slowly, continue to stir with a wooden spoon or spatula until the mixture becomes thick, be careful not to boil.


Pour the mixture into two small pate dishes and pat down.


melt the remaining butter and pour over the surface to seal.

Leave to cool.


It will store in the fridge for upto a month.

The above recipe is based on Pagan Feasts Seasonal Foods for the Eight Festivals,             recipe p.232

Can not end this blog without a quick reference to the words of wisdom dropped into my box this morning by Daily Om

Allowing life to unfold naturally will help you to relax and enjoy. When we pressure ourselves to achieve goals within certain time frames or in a certain way we create stress and hard work for ourselves. Going with the flow allows the self to be carried forward by life’s momentum, going with the flow allows you to be comfortable doing what work you can and leaving the rest for another day.

The above words of wisdom particularly apt for this time of year, so I for one will be taking this advice.’ Take a break, relax, let go of any anxious feelings’.

‘Blessings’ to everyone, happy celebrations ! Love and light to all.




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