Storm Barbara

Storm Barbara

My day

Britain is bracing itself for Storm Barbara which is expected to hit Devon, … Bristol, Cornwall, Dorset, Gloucestershire, North Somerset, …says the telegraph.

We woke this morning to upturned chairs in the garden and rubbish flying in the street, but at least this time our roof felt stayed on.


As soon as storm is issued you will find the surfers down at the beach catching the building crests.



Locals give their doggies a quick last walk before the howling winds and sea spray make it impossible to walk along the beaches.


The winds blow through our pipes making eerie noises behind the thick stone walls. Outside the trees sway and bend and the whoo whoo of the gale makes you want to rush back to the fire and snuggle beneath a warm and downy duvet.


Time for a penguin group against the cold hug.P1050295.JPG

My afternoon will be board games with hubby and the kids, hot chocolate and christmas music,

‘Happy Holidays’ all.


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