Dried banana chips

Dried banana chips

Every so often GD and I are in receipt of big bunches of bananas that are overstocks, last month I made banana breads,



today GD and I are using the dehydrator to make banana chips. We are using the charles Jacobs one we got from amazon during a no waste and frugal leap in lifestyle last year, it has been brilliant we have dehydrated most fruit types now and mixed together they make a wonderful, tasty snack, and are great to give as a healthy and colourful gift.

We used:

8 large bananas. Best to use bananas that are not too ripe.

2 lemons juiced



Set the dehydrator to 125 F / 60 C.

Have handy the lemon juice, you will need this for spraying the bananas.

It is recommended to use a stainless steel knife to cut or the bananas may discolour.

Peel the bananas and cut in half lengthways and slice across to obtain smaller chips or slice them between 1/8 th – 1/4 inch thick for larger round slices,

Spray  with the lemon juice or if like us you don’t have a sprayer to hand simply coat them by putting the juice in a flat bottomed dish and flip the slices over so both sides are coated.


Place in the dehydrator making sure the banana slices do not overlap each other or they will fuse together.


Leave to dehydrate. The guideline says 10-12 hours however we have found they may take a good  deal longer, anyhow dehydrate until the chips are dry to touch and will snap in half easily.


To Store the recommended method is vacuum pack bags but GD and I pack ours into kilner jars and they have kept well so far. The idea is to remove as much oxygen as possible. For optimal long term shelf life dehydrated fruits should be stored to prevent contact with oxygen, moisture, light and heat and protected from rodents and insects.

GD and I have found ‘The ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook’ by Gangloff and Ferguson really helpful and full of great ideas and recipes.

We like to use our banana chips as a healthy snack, to mix with other dried fruits and give as gifts, and as an ingredient in the muesli we make.



and to top yogurt. There are so many more ways GD and I want to experiment with using our dehydrated fruit chips,  dairy free chocolate dipped bananas sound scrummy for one!.

Below is my youngest grandaughter doing her Minions Banaaanaaa! impersonation.


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