Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

‘Wolf Moon’.


All full moons have a name, these names were given to the moons by Native American tribes.

The full moon in January is the wolf moon, the cold moon, the hunger moon. Called this because in the depths of winter, hungry wolf packs would howl outside Indian villages.


A full moon at any time of year tells us it is a time to pause to take time out in reflection and contemplation, it tells us to spend some time in nurture and nourishment of self. If we can find enough stillness within, we can listen to the natural rhythm of our world. When we drop the artificial world and really listen, our whole world becomes expansive and the mind finds clarity.


A full moon offers us a fresh start, if we heed its message we might take some time out to make intention, to make preparation for the new month before us. I know I often live my life reactively,  someone said to me recently ‘find your truth, let it have voice’. The following phrase I read recently keeps playing over in my mind ‘ Soften my brow, help me hold my gaze’. I’m sorry that I did not write down where it came from.


The photo’s are not very good of our ‘Wolf Moon’p1050418 but they do make record of it for our own memories of moments.



Recently I have been feeling really ill with multiple pain issues and ringing in the ears, but I have now found a new yoga home in Portreath and also experienced my first reiki treatment. As I returned home last night it was under the brightness and brilliance of the wolf moon. Waiting for me was this wonderfully nurturing fire.p1050413


‘Lokah Samasta Sukeno Bhavantu’. May all my thoughts, words & actions, contribute to the happiness of all beings.  Namaste.

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