Clay Charm small candle holders

Clay Charm small candle holders

This afternoon while it was overcast and raining,


GD and I made some clay candle holders.


The clay used is from a company called DAS and we brought ours at The Range before christmas, not too expensive,  £ 4, good considering it weighs in at 1 kg. It is an air drying clay, so perfect for children and beginners like us!, and it smells soooo nice :).

We used the little charms I already had from making bracelets,


We simply worked the cut squares to round and smooth them, pressed the candles into the top to form the holder and pressed the charms into the soft clay, smoothing over the attachment ring so the charms were well secured.


We were modelling them on the lovely little terracotta clay holders we have been using on our seasonal table, you can see them on the board in the picture above and below.


We tried using the little clay disks pictured above to make an imprint on the clay, but this did not work so well, not leaving enough depth to really see what the shape was, although to some extent it did look pretty, so we are looking for something else to do this imprinting with another time.

Love my little charms, they were all originally chosen specifically for different members of the family to make bracelets for, and to make bracelets with when we all met up for a big family holiday, so as we were making the holders I was holding love in my heart for the people the charms were reminding me of.



Pics above: on holiday making bracelets with the girls, top pic Jazz, bottom pic: me, Jen, Ashley and little Max supervising.


Pic above: Prototype, first one I made.


Pic above: little charms on  first mala beads I made.

This clay can be glazed and painted but we just want them natural.



Lovely afternoon, love working with my hands and  earth elements. Lovely sharing creative time with GD. Can’t wait for them to dry now, should be dry overnight.



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