This Week

This Week

Very exciting this week, GD and I went to purchase our spuds and onions for the allotment, these will be our first planted veg on the new site. We have toned it down a little to our previous years of bulk planting, just getting 10 seed spuds each of Arran Pilot first  early, Charlotte second early and Maris Piper Main crop. Onions were Stuttggarter Giant 50 sets and Golden Gourmet 12 shallots for pickling.


The farmer in the field behind us has been sowing his potatoes over the last few days, so looks like we are good to go for next week.



Strange for us not to be chitting, but there is so much debate out there on to chit or not to chit we thought we would give palnting a go without chitting this year. GD and I are following Charles Dowdings method of ‘no dig’ for our allotment and using his planting charts to guide us, the soil on our allotment is a heavy clay with lots of rock making it very difficult to dig over so we have decided to follow Charles’s no dig method. I still want to incorporate bio dynamic principles as well believing greatly in the effect of the moon and it goes without saying growing organically.

GD and I had to drop out of the ‘plot to plate volunteer Friday ‘ up at the allotments, such a great idea, where you volunteer with others to grow the food and the cafe on site uses it,  you get experience and expert knowledge and you get a meal after in exchange for all your hard work. It was a big disappointment to GD and me, but for now all my strength is going into getting better and GD won’t go without me.

I found the following this week

‘Disease allows you to change your life, it gives you the opportunity to clean your house’.

Refrain from becoming stressed, take a look from a different angle.


‘There is something shamanic in every illness’.

So I have been watching out for the sun and finding a quiet place on the rocks to sit and just let the sun’s rays fall on my face to get as much vitamin D as I can.


And when it isn’t sunny then it’s just beautiful here anyways.


I also found something new out this week, that there is an A1 protein in the milk of modern breed cows that can be the cause of some negative autoimmune responses in some people but that old breed cows have an A2 protein instead that does not cause a problem because it stays bound causing no immune response. I’m not a dietician so you will need to look into this for yourself but I found it was something I had previously not been aware of. I have been fortunate enough to have found a local dairy farm dealing primarily with old breed cows and they have said this might be something they will test for as they are producing predominantly A2 milk naturally already, plus they soon will be selling raw milk. There are many that would say raw milk is far superior in regards to health benefits and can support the immune system rather than antagonise it. I have been looking into milk because I have drank soya milk for many years as an alternate milk but have found out that soya milk  interferes with the uptake of the medication I will be on for the rest of my life, so far oat milk appears to be fine and it tastes good too. I sometimes make almond milk but am avoiding almond for the moment as some sites say it can be good some say it can bad for the immune system, more research for me to do I think. So for the time being the changes I have made to support my immune system is to include lean meat and fish in my diet, but only if it comes from the farm I know, and to up my intake of fresh organic vegetables and fruit and I have changed my grain intake to oat and my milk to oat milk. The big exclusions I have made is to take gluten and soya out. Taking the gluten out by the way has really helped me to stop gaining weight and feeling bloated. I tried some gluten free stuff but much prefer selecting naturally occurring gluten free foods.

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