Thyroid Journey Highs and Lows

Thyroid Journey Highs and Lows

Today was a hard day on my hypothyroid journey, it was hard to wake up, it was harder still to walk to the bathroom, my foot felt like it was on fire and broken, my body weighed a million tons, my neck felt like there was a very large hand gripping it, my chest felt tight.

GD managed to run me a hot bath, our boiler needs replacing so to get a hot bath is a luxury, I put heaps of epsom salts in and some coconut oil, hoping the epsom salts will help relax my muscles and draw out toxins and the coconut oil to heal my horribly overdry skin.


GD came and sat in the bathroom for a while, the words he was speaking seemed too fast to follow, his plans for the day to go food shopping too much, its been a low day physically.

So I looked at the beautiful flower pictures I took earlier in the week,



I enjoyed a freshly brewed pot of  nettle tea,  nettle tea is delicious and beneficial, highly recommended for its nutritional and medicinal values and if you have access to fresh nettle you can dry the nettle leaves in the sun for your brew. Each cup of nettle tea contains vitamins A, B, and K, riboflavin, niacin, folate, carbohydrates (71.33%), fat (2.36%) and proteins (25.8%). It is also rich in minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, copper and magnesium. Personally I either dry my own or use Clipper non bleached tea bags.


Nettle has a diuretic cleansing effect good for the kidneys and urinary tract, can help boost the immune system, boosting adrenal and thyroid function, soothe allergies, is an aid to diabetic conditions helping control blood sugar levels, it supports bone health, helps support the heart, optimize digestion, relieve inflammation, good for easing arthritis and heal the skin.

And I thought about gratitude, gratitude that I don’t have to try and meet work demands, that my children are grown, that GD looks after me, that I have hot water, I have a bath tub and so on its flows, gratitude once it starts moves like a river, it starts as a trickle and then gathers momentum until it overflows.


I feel better. So GD and me go to sit in the beautiful sunshine, on our lovely picnic blanket and bask in the warming rays of the sun as the sounds of the sea, the seagulls and the children making sandcastles nearby entertain our ears.


GD goes off for a while to check whether the abundant colonies of mussels are ready to harvest while at last my body warmed by the sun relaxes.

As I write the dinner that I did manage to make today bubbles away waiting to share with family tonight.

My daughter rang today and I burst into tears to her, my daughter a mum of three who has struggled for years with autoimmune disease, I can honestly say unless you know the pain and frustration of this type of disease for yourself you can not estimate  what effort it takes to merely function, I didn’t know what my brave daughter was going through, not really, not until now, and because symptoms can vary from hour to hour, it’s so important not to judge another by what you see from one day to the next.

Just two days ago I was sorting wood and helping move this pile through the house to the back storage area.P1050742.JPG

Today I am grateful to have been able to make a one pot meal.

My daughter has her crutches for low days and I found myself this morning researching best crutches to get, I don’t want to be left sitting down when everyone comes down to visit, not sure wether to get the bight funky ones though or the discreet textured black.

I am very excited about a free 9 part series being run about healing the thyroid and I wanted to share the link for it, it starts in a few days.. Looking at the trailer I think I will learn loads about doing the best I can to help my body heal.

One new thing I found this week is that taking cherry juice before bedtime helps me to sleep, Montmorency cherries are a natural source of melatonin, and a glass before bedtime is definitely helping me sleep better.


The other thing I am trying is coconut pulling, that is taking a mouthful of coconut and keeping in the mouth until it liquefies then swishing around the mouth for as long as I can, so far about 8 minutes then spiting out, that will help pull toxins from the body.


And last thing at night I put a few drops of frankincense oil into a small amount of argan oil cupped in the palm of my hand and I run it over my thyroid area and around my  ears, hopeful it will help my thyroid heal and the tinnitus another condition of hypothyroid I have, this is because it is said frankincense aids cell regeneration and I am determined to ‘be the C.E.O ‘of my own condition, as said on the trailer for the thyroid secret series and take responsibility for my health.


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