Lovely Mother’s Day

Lovely Mother’s Day

I wanted to pay tribute to my wonderful five children. I am busting proud of all of them.Jennifer, Richard, Julian, Andrew and Matthew.

I am a very blessed woman, all of my daughters in law Ashley and Jazz and my son in law Alex are so loving and giving, they are all a joy to call sons and daughters, and that includes my two youngest boy’s girls, Georgia and Georgie, I count them as daughters in law already and that doesn’t mean by certificate, I mean just that they love my sons.

G.D. and I couldn’t be happier, our clan expanded and blessed because they chose to love our children.

My grandchildren are the best, I am their number one fan. As each of them are making their journey in the world I am blown away by their deep souls and I just love that they include their old nan and grandad in their days. I love that they want us to spend time with them and we love to be with them, they fill us, when we are with them, we feel completeness.

I had a lovely Mother’s day, it began with daffodils from a Cornwall farm being delivered, arranged by our daughter, Jen was born on an Easter Monday and I always associate my daughter with the daffodil flower as we had vases of them when I brought her home.


Then a teapot arrived from my eldest son and later some lemongrass teapigs, my favourite brand. I’v wanted a little black teapot for years, so I was well chuffed.


Then cards from my son abroad and from my next youngest, both with such lovely sentiments handwritten inside, and more cards came from the rest of the children and  grandchildren


and even Marley Dog (we babysit Marley most days while his parents are working).


Then G.D and I were picked up by our local two and taken to dinner at their house, including fish with baby potatoes and garlic butter, (I’m on a pretty restricted diet for the moment) plus a lovely hyacinth in a tub was waiting on the table,


and a new Neal’s Yard ‘Eat Beautiful’ book.


And a wonderful pudding just look at all those lovely berries.


A walk in the woods with Marley dog and home for a nice cuppa and calls from the kids and the grandchildren.

Brilliant Day, thanks guys Xxxxxx

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