The Joy of Ella and Daisy

The Joy of Ella and Daisy

These lovely ladies are spending the weekend.


It is the first time they have seen the sea or run free on the sand. Daisy on the left is about eight years old, she keeps yelping for joy and jumps in every rock pool she finds. Ella is about twelve, she is Daisy’s mum, she has the lovely white around her face of an aged dog, she is happy to follow her daughter at a slower pace.


They usually spend their nights in an out door shed. They live on a yard site usually, but their owner is out the country, so they came down with my son who feeds them for the owner, and my sons girlfriend, after they had had their first run we gave them a warm soapy bath and the water that came off them was as black as soot.

These two are not used to a collar and lead, they are not used to being indoors, but they are the best behaved dogs ever, they look at you all the time watching for body language, for direction or command clues. Ella’s eyes are a bit misty now and her hearing is not too sharp so occasional she keeps walking when Daisy’s gone off in a different direction, then she tries to see where we are but struggles and my son has to go nearer and get her back.

But they seem to be adjusting well to creature comforts.p1050802

Wonder if I can offer them a retirement home?.

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