Little Miracles

Little Miracles

Living with the adrenal disease ‘hashimoto thyroiditis’ alters life perspective.

Today these simple aspects of life are like little miracles to me. They make my heart beat joyfully.

To hang a laundry load out and see it blowing in the breeze.P1050959.JPG

To have the will, the strength and the stamina to use the iron


and complete a full basket of laundry,  pressed with steam and smelling all wind blown and fresh,


the sense of the miracle is in the folding of the laundry you just ironed, that you took in from the line, which you had hung out early in the day, that you had gathered from the beds you changed even earlier in the morning and put through the wash.

When some hashimoto days you can barely get out of bed and string a coherent sentence together, days like today when you do something ‘normal’ something a few months ago you would have done before breakfast whilst organising school runs and homework and packed lunches at the same time, well these norm’s become little moments of ‘celebration’.

There are days when walking is like walking barefoot on broken glass and I need a crutch to help me walk and then there are some days when I can paint my front wall a gleaming whitewash and chat cheerily and relatively pain free to my neighbours and passers by.


Easter break has been a great couple of weeks, we have had these two lovely waggy tailed ones staying with us while their families were on holiday.dogs

We had my fourth child Andrew and girlfriend Georgie stay over, Andrew added too many bubbles to the bath !.


And an unexpected lovely surprise, my youngest boy Matthew back home from Prague for a week.

Then my eldest boys family, Richard and Ashley with our seven and ten year old grandchildren Max and Jacob came for a long weekend. We did the organised egg hunt on the beach, a local event attracting over 500 children this year, and the egg hunt over at the Heartlands centre which took us high and low all over the mining museum and the five sensory gardens and back at home we made Easter nests and cookies.


For sunday morning we made our own Easter clue trail for a hunt around the house.


It was fun to find a fallen branch in the nearby woods to make an Easter Tree and GD made some great marshmallow eggs, just one left in the basket they were so popular!.


We had hilarious wind up Easter bunny and chick races after our meals.

We paid a visit to our local donkey sanctuary ‘The Flicker Foundation’ where we met this handsome fellow.


and these are just a few of his friendsP1050901.JPG

GD made some deep beds for the back garden to grow our salad crops in which the chicken runs also fit over perfectly.


GD also made some lovely pasteurized apple juice from overstock apples given to us.

From this:


To this:


I have been busy practising making necklaces,


am taking all the materials with me to make some with everyone when all the family meet up in the summer at a farm bunk house for five days in Devon. I have reels of bright coloured cords to take and many different attachments. I just love crafty things.

The other thing I managed to do last week was revamp a very old black box that has been around for decades belonging to my mum originally. Usually I love to leave wood natural but this now has a permanent home in the ‘coastal’ room. It is now a games box that has a cusion on top where you can sit and look out to the old ruins across the hill.



I hope everyone has had a good and blessed Easter.

Something I have observed this last year is that it is often the times that seem most bitter to us that often turn life around and reveal deep treasures, things that made no sense, in due time, can lift scales from sight and open a heart to untold depths, setting wheels in motion that ultimately deeply bless us.

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