Beautiful Blossom

Beautiful Blossom

I planted irises for the first time this year, irises remind me of my home growing up and of my mum and her little patch of irises in the corner of the front garden.P1060113.JPG

Down the side of the garden runs an old stone wall and between the trees grow lots of wild type flowers.


and in the lawn dandelions, daisies and buttercups.


and Marley dog sunbathing.P1060176.JPG

I love that the trees are starting to bud now with promises of cherry, apple, pear and fig.



The herbs in the wall bed are flourishing and pungently fragrant and if you brush your hand gently over them they release nostril arousing aromas of oregano, rosemary, thyme and sage, which will linger delightfully on your skin where you touched them.


We have raised beds now and our lettuces and rocket are doing well almost filling the first bed up, it is the one nearest the house as we try to implement permaculture principles in our growing.


Our seed beds are behind this.


and our cloch with our precious tomato plants.P1060184.JPG

Fae and Crystal need their picture in this too. This is just their night run they also have a daytime play run with logs and tree branches.


Most evenings now the weather is warming up GD and I like to walk by the sea, last night the hugest black crow came to keep us company.



Top of the hill at Perranporth


Sometimes we will take a book and I will read out loud to GD. while we wait for the sun to go down.




Love to allImage result for may the long time sun


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