Lovely day at the allotment

GD and I spent a lovely few hours this morning at the allotment. Thought it was high time for an update.


This bench is at the scruffy end of the plot behind a pre-existing raspberry patch, still to be cultivated area, where we make our tea and sit and purvey the lie of the land.

Looking down from in front of the raspberry patch, this is what we have been up to since we began last September.


Broad beans and squashes.


Cucumber and pea sticks area.


Cabbage and calabrese under netting, French climbing bean and runner bean wigwams, basil and the coriander spiral, leaf beet to the right and radish between parsnip rows on the left, and beetroot row. The pea beds and broad bean top right.


Our spud area , earlies, second earlies and main.


Taken from the other end looking back. Onion rows and spring onion behind the spud rows. GD over by the compost bins.


Our first rhubarb, I will be making my rubies in the rubble rhubarb and ginger jam next week. Look under my recipes for how.


The first little blackcurrant sticks took that my neighbour gave us last year. These two beauties will be the first of what I plan to be a much bigger  area, maybe a quarter of the allotment even of fruit bushes, black currant, raspberry, gooseberry, blueberry, tayberry.


And yours truly doing what I love, the watering!




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