Apple pie and a Solar Eclipse

Apple pie and a Solar Eclipse

To mark the solar eclipse last night GD, myself, my youngest and my eldest boys, daughter in law and two youngest grandsons gathered round a small fire, to chat and snuggle and roast marshmallows in the flames. In the U.K. it was never going to be as spectacular as the U.S. experience, but as my neighbours and I stood at the back of the garden looking out towards the coast, the sky first blazed and then eerily dimmed, the birds went silent and although there was not much to remark over, in its own way the dim strange light cast a mysterious effect over the fields and the trees and hedgerows stood out in stark silhouette somehow looking bigger than they really are.

Campfire snuggles


Roasting MarshmallowsP1070121P1070130

After we finished with the mallows we burnt herbs from our herb garden, sage and rosemary.P1070137

The trees in our garden I showed in blossom earlier in the year are laden now with apples and pears, we picked up all the windfalls yesterday as the wind had been blowing up a storm. So as not to waste any produce, today I have been peeling and chopping to get all the fruit processed and into the freezer. GD is so looking forward to his autumn spice apple pies. P1070142



Preparing the spices cinnamon, ground clove and freshly grated nutmeg.P1070150

Ready to label and pop in the freezer.P1070152.JPG



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