Cornwall Illogan Valley Walk

Cornwall Illogan Valley Walk

While the parentals are travelling back to London with the hire van and staying overnight to empty the old house, P1070056

GD and I decide to go with Willow their mischievous beagle and our two grandsons to explore the valley in Illogan that passes under the A30.P1070070

The entrance to the valley walk lies just by the Tehidy campsite in Bassett Road, the path looks like it is the driveway to the house that stands by the entrance to the walk.

To get there we first need to take a footpath near our house as part of a shortcut.

Our first footpath takes us north of clifton road.P1070059

On walking through the gate a green arch of foliage invites and welcomes you.P1070060

The boys find a spider in its web, quite large for the uk. P1070069lots of horses are kept in the fields bordering the walk

P1070063On arriving at the valley walk we find ducks and geeseP1070084beehivesP1070075

little smallholdings tucked away behind overgrown hedgesP1070074lovely detail dragonfly on the iron gateP1070064a babbling brook runs central at the bottom of the valley slopesP1070080boys and willow by the brookP1070083It can get really boggy in the valley, the boys trainers were totally in adequate but they didn’t have their walking boots down yet.

It can get quiet steep tooP1070079Styles and steps can be challenging in CornwallP1070071GD has a dodgy knee from when he fell out the back door and my foot has osteoarthritis, but we made it! P1070072Willow at a wooden styleP1070100on the way back nowP1070097the skies openP1070099Up the stepsP1070088here comes GD and WillowP1070089towards the ruined chimneys our marker for the end of the route for us. But the walk does go on further and promises another day of exploration.P1070086The A30 to the right now almost overheadP1070094Looking back to the way we have comeP1070092P1070093Boat outside a house, this is such a common sight here and we take it for granted. It dawned on me as I snapped the photo that we didn’t see boats that often in our London suburb.P1070095

It may be raining and we are all pretty weary at this point but there is always time to look at the splendour of natures creatures.P1070102Back home now and the rain is coming down in sheets.P1070103

time for a cuppa and lunch!.Image result for namaste

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