Hidden Illogan Woods Rope Swing

Hidden Illogan Woods Rope Swing

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We went down to the woods today. The entrance to Illogan woods can be found down by the old school house next to Illogan school, if you follow the path all the way down it will lead  down to Portreath coming out just up the road from the beach. You will need to take the left path that runs alongside the back of the primary school, the path straight ahead leads to a campsite. For a few hundred yards at the beginning of the walk although it looks like a walking path we have been surprised on occasion to find the odd car make its way down, so do be careful to keep dogs and kids close by until you reach the woods proper. After a short distance you will find to the left one of two old parsonage wells belonging to Aviary Cott (court) built in the 19th Century with its water pump at the top of a few steps, the boys liked this,


and a gate way bearing to the right,

pic below: old black and white photograph of the gateway to Illogan or (Feadon) Woods


pic ref: www.illoganparishcouncil.gov.uk/illogan-village-trail/

take this path and you will see a pond on the right, the water from the pond was used to feed a leat ( an open watercourse conducting water to a mill ) to drive a water wheel, and through a system of rods and chains, a threshing machine in a barn at Nance. This was still in position in 1960. Further on there are open fields to the right which can just be made out through a steep bank of trees, with steep deep woodland to the left.P1070281 P1070282P1070283P1070319The stream running through the woodland makes fine play for kids and dogs alike.P1070310

Willow thinks she is one of the boys, “I can help move this branch ” she says.P1070314

About half way through the wood along the path lies the best rope swing ever according to the boys.P1070234.JPG

dad wants a go first,P1070237 just to make sure it’s safe of course!

The game is to see who can swing high enough to touch the branch limbP1070246P1070250

group effortP1070265

Max swings high enough to touch the branchP1070266

younger brother enjoys a gentler swingP1070351.JPG


Willow sits this one out and digs a hole insteadP1070261

After a lovely morning in the woods it’s time to go homeP1070337P1070338

Muddy paws, sign of a good time.P1070333.JPG

2 thoughts on “Hidden Illogan Woods Rope Swing”

  • I wouldn’t trust the rope swing with my life – could break easily as old and a long way to fall and break a bone/leg

    • Hi, you are quiet right to point out the dangers, my son always checks it out first though with his weight and this swing is very popular and regularly used, most of it is actually a strong strap material and fortunately the ground is also very soft should there be a beak but thank you so much for highlighting the risks, care should always be taken of course.

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