Birthdays like buses

Birthdays like buses

I have five wonderful grandchildren aged between six and fifteen and all their birthdays fall between September and January, two of the grandchildren recently moved house and came from London three hundred miles away to live around the corner from me and GD, but the other three still live that 300 miles away, so when they all came to visit last week we celebrated all three birthdays together. But before that, first to kick off the celebrations with his birthday in September was Maxwell with his 11th Birthday.

Mum, Maxwell and Jacob preparing the cake
Present time
Max’s new bike
Out front of our house- Max on his bike with his brother Jacob on his new scooter


More presents and cake at Aunt Jazz and Uncle Julian’s house.

Next was Leon’s birthday, turning fifteen this year, and where did that time go!?. I remember holding Leon in my hands when just home from the hospital, just a blink of time ago.

Leon’s redvelvet  cheese frosting and flake cake ablaze, little sis looks like she is crying, but she really wasn’t !
Well mum said he was feeling cold!

Next was Rebecca’s birthday, at fourteen there is barely twelve months between herself and her brother.

Becca’s cake was fudge brownie with chocolate cream and chopped  fudge bars
new dance bag

Next was youngest grandchild at just six

Little Jessica blowing her candles out on her fairy cakes with rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate mice, there was also mixed strand liquorice, pink shrimps and yellow banana sweets scattered over the cake stand tiers.
love the expression

Well the next birthday will be Jacob’s at eight years old in the new year, but before that we will have halloween/ Samhain, firework night and Christmas to celebrate. I just love this season.

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