Moving in day

Moving in day

November the 1st brought a big move for my son Andrew, his lovely girlfriend Georgie, and their two dogs Ella and Daisy, they have moved down from Hemel Hempstead to begin a new life here in Cornwall.

First my son Julian came down a few years ago with his then fiancee, now wife, Jazz and began teaching assistant jobs, initially living in a caravan they now have their own little cottage and a rescue dog called Marley. They have great jobs in a local school where they also run breakfast and afterschool clubs and are very well thought of and needed by everyone, bringing such great enthusiasm and creativity to make life a joyous adventure of exploration both in the school and within our own family.

Next came me and G.D.  two years ago now come March, captivated by the wild of Cornwall and the way of life down here, so much more in tune with living with seasonal changes and we have found such friendliness towards us ’emits’ as incomers less than three generations are affectionately known. We have a brilliant allotment on an eco park site which in places overlooks the sea and it gives us more vegetables, flowers and fruit than we ever thought would be possible.

Next to come down was our son Richard, daughter in law Ashley and grandsons Max and Jacob, only arriving a few months ago both boys are now in a local  school which they can walk to, near to their house which is huge compared to the Hertfordshire house and they are so happy, settled, and one thing they have both said is the playground time is so much nicer as everyone plays together without competitiveness or aggression. Ashley already got promoted at her new place of work and is now Manager of a nearby nursery and Richard has a job working from home that has contacts all over the world and is very exciting , needing different time zones set up, and he still gets to go into London on occasions, which he does love having lived, studied and worked there all his life. But now he gets to come back and walk with his little dog Willow and family, long walks down the beach or the beautiful Tehidy woods right here where we live, and even Charlie their very old cat has found his place here, which mainly consists of nesting in the corner cupboard up high enough to purvey the kitchen goings on and keep above Willow level.

So welcome to Andrew and Georgie and may you have health and prosper in this new chapter of your life.

Can’t go without a mention of Matthew our youngest, away in his final year of uni after a year in Prague, so looking to you being home for Christmas. I love that moment when your train pulls in at Redruth, the pause as the train pulls out and then I see you pulling your case across the bridge, and you are home again. A  scene that is played out again and again by millions of other people everyday when a loved and missed one returns home and is embraced.

And my lovely, beautiful daughter Jennifer, 300 miles away, with your lovely family, son in law Alex, eldest Grandchild leon, eldest granddaughter Rebecca, and littlest grandchild Jessica our little jumping bean of joy!. and of course ‘Thor’ their petite and tiny female cat!.

Ella and Daisy enjoying their new surroundings

is this our new bed space?
We love this splashy wet stuff
not the worst place to be on a Thursday morning
Daisy thinks all the seaweed needs rescuing, she brings it all up onto dry sand and dives back in for another frond, she does this with stones too!
Love our Portreath beach

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