Frugal pantry challenge 2018, listing (day 2)Fridge and coldstore.

Frugal pantry challenge 2018, listing (day 2)Fridge and coldstore.

Today my fridge and alley (cold store racks), get listed.

Was busy today making vegetarian scotch eggs for New Years Eve, P1080276.JPGturkey broth with dumplings using the broth listed in yesterday’s freezer inventory and sauerkraut from the last of the cabbages in our garden deep beds, which I’v yet to blog, (this is my second batch ) as I had never made it before and wanted to make sure the first batch came out well before I blogged it.

Pic below my breads I was making yesterday.P1080261.JPG

So Fridge first:

3 litres pasturised milk

Hard cheeses- cheddar, red leicester, cranberry

Soft cheeses- camembert, roule, stilton

4 oz salted butter

8 oz unsalted butter

14 free range eggs

Small tub double cream

1/2 tube squirty cream

5 greek yoghurts

3/4 tin of ghee

1/2 jar coconut oil

1/4 tub duck fat

1/4 tub icing

4 packets of back bacon

4 slices of ham


Jar of sauerkraut

3/4 jar spiced beetroot

3/4 jar pickled broad beens

3/4 jar tahini

Mayo (almost empty)

2 different types chilli sauce

3/4 jar horseradish sauce

1/2 jar mint sauce

1/4 jar condensed vegetable stock base

3/4 jar tartar sauce

2 tubes of tomato purree

1/2 jar chutney

1/2 jar mincemeat

2 cubes of pesto sauce

Caesar dressing 1/2 bottle

Few cloves of garlic

3″ ginger root

Small bag of red chillies

1 bag of brussells

Few stalks of celery

1/2 bottle of rosehip syrup

3/4 tub of red pepper hummus

1 small tub of baked beens

3/4 jar flax seeds

1/2 punnet of cherry tomatoes

Package of puff pastry and 8 pork sausages to make sausage rolls for tomorrow and the 6 scotch eggs I made today for tomorrow.

My son and daughter in law share our little fridge so there were a few bits of theirs I haven’t listed.


Alley Cold store:


Small bag of Potatoes

5 Sweet Potatos

bowl of parsnips

bowl of carrotts

Large jar of oatstraw tea leaves

large jar chamomile loose tea flowers

5 litres of raw almond milk

5 jars of cinnamon sticks

Kilner jar dried sage leaves

1 oz Package bay leaves

7 jars condensed vegetable stock base

1 lag jar ground hempseed

1 tub duck fat

1 xmas pudding

9 jars pickled gherkins

3 jars chutney

4 bottles tom ketchup

4 jars mincemeat

8 jars spiced beetroot

7 jars dried yellow squash

4 jars damson jam

2 large kilner jars dried fruit- banana, apple and pear

10 jars blackberry and apple jam

7 jars rhubbies in the rubble jam

6 jars seville marmarmalaide

3 jars whisky marmalaide

1 tub rice krispies

5 bags of millet flakes

2 500g bags of popping corn

2 rice syrups

3 jars barley malt

Well I am a little overwhelmed by just how much ‘stuff’ we have and I still have not listed anything in the kitchen cupboards or allotment produce freezer!. but I am glad with the meals we have been having and I like that after reading that so much food gets wasted just because we don’t ‘fancy’ it and to try sitting down and sucking it up next time we are tempted to start something other than what we already have available, so I tried it and it worked! I fancied porridge but I had greek yoghurt that needed using so I sucked it up, added some prunes I had pureed and actually thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast, the oats would keep, the yoghurt wouldn’t, these are the right choices I should get used to making.






2 thoughts on “Frugal pantry challenge 2018, listing (day 2)Fridge and coldstore.”

  • Hi Cornish Nan ~ enjoyed reading about your food “audit” ~ I feel just the same as you, having done a checking of Fridge, freezer and cupboard. I also joined Norwich (anti )Food Waste (or similar name!); many people are doing this and it can only be good.
    Wish I had a little cold storage area like yours , we live upstairs in a coach house over an archway so most things have to be either in the appliances or small cupboards. It gets v crowded!!
    x Happy New Year , when it comes.

    PS My blog …yess…maybe this year? !

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