Frugal Pantry Challenge

Frugal Pantry Challenge

Every year I usually do a no shopping, live from the cupboard month at some time of the year, often a couple of times a year. Why do I do this? one- I like to be thrifty, it’s good practice, two- what I have been given I like to be a good steward of, I feel it is a privilege to have a well stocked larder, it is not everyone’s experience to have food stocks and often in the past has not been our own experience, three- I like to be organised and this challenge makes me get everything out and be able to plan meals ahead of time which are more sympathetic to my values, I also get to clean the cupboards, defrost the freezers and this year I am doing it during January. I also joined a group called ‘food pantry challenge Jan 2018’ to help keep myself motivated. I haven’t posted my food inventory on the group page yet as I was so embarrassed by all the odds and ends lurking in the depths of my kitchen freezer ( I have not done the shed one yet containing all our allotment veggies and fruits) and the cupboards and alley store of preserves and fridge are yet to be done. But on here I am going to come clean and post my list. Each day during January I will post what I have managed to rustle up. The group suggests an allowance is set aside for some purchases such as milk , fruit, potatoes etc., for which I am allowing £25 a week to feed 5 of us. I nearly ordered some bulk bread flour prior to the 31st, as I made a batch of loaves today and have run out but it felt a bit like cheating as I have some speciality flours that need using like eikon and rye, so I did restrain from doing that, so I will need to use up the bits and half packets of the other flours which may prove very interesting. Tomorrow I will list the fridge and alley, the day after the cupboards ready for the first of the month.

Kitchen freezer: (Please don’t judge me!)

1 salmon fillet

2 turkey and vegetable broth

2 turkey curries

5 chicken nuggets

1 meat bolognese

1 small tray cubed beef

2 beef burgers

1 seed loaf serves 4

2 tubs veggie chilli

1 bag of quorn mince

1 bag of 30 veggie sausage rolls

1 pizza dough base

12 potato waffles

5 tubs of allotment veg casserole

1 tub of tomato free pasta bolognese

1 tub of cauliflower cheese

6 hash browns

8 veggie hot dogs

tub of left over mash and greens ( good for making hash browns)

1 small bag of lemon curd

1 small cube of kefir

18 frozen bannanas

1 small tub of banana ice

1/3 tub strawberry ice cream

3 tubs of beetroot ice cream

1/4 tub of white ice cream

1/4 tub mint ice cream


See rammed!

Also having a ban ‘online order’ month as I tend to order bulk of everything which in one way is good because it cuts down on packaging, but then nothing seems to ever run out before I am trying out new recipes and ordered bulk something else!. I am so easily distracted. This is my year to declutter and simplify.  I am excited for 2018 I think it is going to be a great year.




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