FPC 10/1/18 Living in Reverence

FPC 10/1/18 Living in Reverence

When you have a budget to stick to meals can become so very interesting, creativity is a necessary ingredient!. Yesterday’s meal was a potluck  in a one pie dish meal, all little portions of left overs from the freezer, tuna pasta, cauliflower cheese, 2 different types of spaghetti bolognese, and then topped at the end of cooking with crushed plain salted crisps and grated cheese and browned under the grill, served with warmed tomato bread refreshed in the oven.

When J&J came over to pick up Marley dog (the handsome sandy one)P1080469who we mind in the afternoon for them, along with our other two temporary lodgers, the beautiful Daisy and her mum Ella, they ended up staying for food as the lovely smell of the dish was wafting through to the living room. P1080430

Today’s dinner is macaroni cheese bake (I will blog the recipe tomorrow) and fairy cakes.

baked, waiting for topping and sprinkles

Can’t resist a before and now shot of the cold store and kitchen shelf

a bit of allsorts
so cleared up can use 3 shelves now
breakfast shelf
before with boxes of stuff  down the side


now everything together on one rack
before yuk!
a bit more manageable
getting better

So ten days in and I am feeling great about the meals we have been having, lunch today was all the titchy leftover bits mixed together like allotment glut (Which is the bomb)

Allotment Glut Casserole

its spicy kick takes by surprise every time and turkey curry, sounds awful?, tasted great! with hash browns, finishing up the mash from the other night. GD had a couple of rashers of bacon with his.P1080438P1080439

Still a long ways to go and will do another before and after pics in ten days and also at the end.

I know the daily posting on the Frugal Pantry Challenge may seem a bit much if you just started following the blog, but its only for January and is part of a much bigger objective than just living from the cupboard with a tiny allowance for fresh essentials.

I would be burying my head in the sand if I was not aware that for the 795 million or more people (figure from 2016)  suffering from malnutrition this challenge must seem like a terrible joke, but through this daily being accountable for how I am using my resources I pray I will move to be a  person with better understanding as I come more into making decisions based on awareness, rather than being caught up in a rectionary mode on my own private wheel, which if I don’t take responsibility for will just keep turning faster and faster and sight become more and more blurred.

Image result for reverence for the earth


Part of this challenge is because I  want to live my life more intelligently, my ability to enjoy my life is not dependant on how much I have in my cupboards or my possessions,  I want to nurture peace within myself and I want that serenity within to be reflected on the outside, so I am starting here in the kitchen where I spend the most of my time

I love this writing which is abbreviated and is from Isha

‘You need to celebrate and enjoy every moment of your life because life does not wait for you even for a moment. Creating a loving world is not a service that you do for someone else, sential quality of your life is how you are within yourself right now. Being in reverence towards the very earth that you walk upon, towards the air that you breathe, the water that you drink, the food that you eat, the people that you come in touch with and everything else that you use, including your body and mind.Image result for reverence for the earth

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