FPC 16/1/18 Cleaning and Clearing

FPC 16/1/18 Cleaning and Clearing

Because of the frugal pantry challenge I am also looking at other areas of life that are in much need  simplifying and so today have been giving the living room a much needed coat of paint and am loving it!. As GD and I are pulling out the furniture and all the bits and bobs on the book cases and in drawers to get around, we are giving everything a once over and asking do I need this in my life anymore? does it add or distract from peace?.

And so tonight am aching from head to toe! so just a quick blog on the challenge.

So far this week have only brought loo rolls from my budget money. Lunch was sardines on toast, dinner was as you can see below, simple but really nice.

Hummus, cheeses, celery, carrot, pickle and crackers, GD also had an ale and I had green tea and apples for pudding.


GD and I ate in our fresh painted room as the youngest daughter in law started her new job today and we thought it would be nice for the young ones to have the kitchen to themselves to celebrate tonight.

much nicer than the yellowy cream that was on the walls and less clutter.

GD and I are going to be travelling up to Derby for Uncle Mikes funeral day after tomorrow, stopping over in Leicester with mum in law and then stopping over at my daughters in st albans for the weekend, travelling back Monday, so no FPC updates while away.

See you all when I get back

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  • Thanks for your comment little owl ,yes the paint we are using from B and Q has almost nil odour, so nice, I cant even smell it, but GD who has multiple sensitivities can smell it very faintly but not making him sneeze like usually would.

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