FPC 24/1/18 The Last Week

FPC 24/1/18 The Last Week

It is the last week of ‘live from the pantry Jan 18 challenge’ and GD and I are feeling good about what we have accomplished this month.

We arrived back Monday after a long 5 day trip and we were just so tired, so we picked up some hake fish and some french fries to cook in the oven to feed everyone when we got in and had peas in the pantry to add to the meal, for yesterday’s meal we tossed some chicken in a pan with some chilli sauce and brought in some stir fry vegetables to add to the noodles from our stores. Still we are well within our £25 a week budget and pleased as punch, but as I had lots of freezer and pantry items to start the month it really wasn’t so hard a challenge in fact I’ve loved the challenge. It is said it takes three weeks to make a habit so I think I’m set up pretty good now, and I am going to continue to use up everything and get my cupboards clean and ship shape.

I have found the challenge spilling over into other areas of my life and have begun to simplify from all areas from cleaning up my I.T. spaces to clearing out the shed and emptying those storage boxes under the bed.  Image result for emptying the closet

What I have taken from this month is the creativity it has inspired to make meals interesting and different with just a few base ingredients, like making bread, flatbreads, tomato bread, baps, pizza bases, etc from a base dough, the challenge definitely grew on me and now I feel it is growing and expanding me.

With planning for the coming season at the the allotment beginning this month I find I am more engaged than ever and already tasting in my mind’s eye all those lovely flavours. I am going to be more careful this year to cook seasonally as the produce comes rather than freezing so much. See all our wonderful seeds! P1080590which at an average 50p a packet from a company we found called seed and bulbs it will make our  allotment adventure much more doable.

But now a new month begins with February and without all the stores to boost the beginning of the month, I wonder how we shall do?.Image result for living with less

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