FPC 8/1/18 Recipe for Monday Curry

FPC 8/1/18 Recipe for Monday Curry

Over the weekend we had a traditional fish and chip supper on the saturday as was youngest boys last weekend at home for some time at least until Easter. Sundays meal was GD’s honey glazed hamP1080358 with home baked rollsP1080357 and little potato roasties with onion,P1080361

As we decided at the last moment to take the opportunity wish youngest a happy birthday in advance as he will be away for said birthday, eldest boy and I nipped down at near closing time to the supermarket and secured a great little hoard of sweet pastry treats for £3 total ! we made a tower out of the eclairs and put a candle on top,

P1080373eleven of us had plenty of dessert from jam doughnuts, the eclairs, cheesecake, choc chip biscuits and apple tart, it was a bit of a giggle sorting out our bargain nabs and everyone was delighted with our hoard. P1080369

With the leftover potato GD and I fried it up today and had it with some of the last of the veggie chilli pot



and the last of the salt and pepper bread rolls, delicious!.

Tonight Monday (turkey curry) and dumplings.(Will post full recipe for it tomorrow) it is great for using up leftover poultry or weekend meats.P1080421

and marshmallow rice krispie cakes:

MMmmm Marshmallow Rice Krispies

I managed the first week of the challenge with £5 left over even after the birthday cake dash and it wasn’t so much hard to resist buying in new foodstuffs as it was to alter my mindset towards having to provide constantly different meals. I did resist ordering from Amazon my go to place for stuff and I am feeling quietly chuffed.

As you may know my dear uncle passed away recently and so I think it has made the challenge easier, as there is nothing more grounding than death, and the challenge drops for me from being a ‘mission’ or the ‘thing to do’ to an awakening of the eyes to let the nonsense of a culturally busy lifestyle and all that snares into that particular net, to drop away and let life unfold organically once more.

Our whole purpose in life is to be love.

Image result for lotus unfolding

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